Until Friday, no borough leaders or workers responded to the woman's calls.By Chris Hoffman

NORTH BRADDOCK (KDKA) — In North Braddock, neighbors have had enough.

Carol Smalls said someone started a renovation project next door and rented a dumpster, but it’s been sitting there for almost two months. Now, it’s attracting raccoons to her front porch.

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(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Smalls reached out to KDKA to try and get some answers. She’s lived in her house for about six years and never had any issues until now.

Smalls said other people have started dumping their trash in it. She has a video of rodents playing in the dumpster and sets up traps because of the mice.

Until Friday, no borough leaders or workers responded to her calls. KDKA called North Braddock Mayor Al Senic, who showed up with a borough worker to see what’s going on. The mayor said they’re going to check and see if the renovation and dumpster are permitted.

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Smalls said if someone was actively renovating the property, she would be more understanding.

“The trash that’s piling up in there is a disgrace. It stinks. It’s a nuisance, and no one’s been here,” Smalls said.

“I could see her complaining if a dumpster truly has been here since August. That’s more than enough time,” Mayor Senic said. “We called the number on the dumpster and no one answered. So we’re going to look into that on Monday.”

The mayor said if the dumpster is not permitted, the person doing the renovation could be cited. He recommends if you are doing a renovation, be courteous to your neighbor and let them know if you are putting out a dumpster.

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As for Smalls, she wants out. She said she plans to move once her lease is up later this year.