Some customers said they've started buying off-brand products to keep their shopping lists from getting too expensive.By Bryant Reed

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Consumers across the Pittsburgh area are feeling the impact of supply chain shortages.

Some customers said they’ve started buying off-brand products to keep their shopping lists from getting too expensive.

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“I eat less expensive things. It seems like the prices have gone up over the last year, so I economize what I eat,” said one shopper.

University of Pittsburgh Urban Geography Specialist Roberta Mendonca De Carvalho said it could be a while, but she is optimistic that things will get back on track.

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She said in urban cities, COVID-19 is not the only issue. Transportation has been an issue, including getting products from ports to stores. Those are a few reasons why shelves are not being stocked.

Giant Eagle said it is trying to work with partners in advance to make sure it has everything it needs to keep products on the shelves and prices down.

“Everything pulls the price up,” Dr. Mendonca De Carvalho said. “Shortage in production, a more expensive channel of supply, which is transportation, more people away from the city and spreading. So there’s a decentralization movement and centralization is one of the important things that makes things cheaper.”

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She said when it comes to product shortages, there’s no real timetable for how long the shortages could last. However, she said the country and Pittsburgh have a good past of recovering.