An investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

By: Erika Stanish

STOWE TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KDKA) — One man was taken to a hospital after a shooting near the Sto Rox High School football field Saturday evening.

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The shooting happened around 4:45 p.m. along the 500 block of Marwood Avenue.

Police said first responders found a man with a gunshot wound to his back.

Neighbors told KDKA they heard at least 10 to 12 shots fired.

“I had the day off work and was relaxing in my house and next thing you know I heard bang, bang, bang, bang, bang,” Danielle Stabb said, a witness.

“It’s a bad area. Very bad area. Let’s see, I’ve had three shootings in two months on our video cameras,” Donn Smith said.

Smith shared security footage with KDKA that showed part of the shooting from his front porch.

In the video, several shots can be heard before a man appears running down the street.

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A final gunshot is later heard, and a man can then be heard yelling, “I’m hit! I’m hit!”

“We’re trying to get out of here. Working to get out of here for sure. It’s getting bad. You got the games right there and everybody is coming into town,” Smith said.

Stray bullets hit at least two mini vans and a nearby home.

Police told KDKA that five football teams were at the Sto-Rox stadium for what they believed was a club tournament when the shooting happened and had to be evacuated.

“I don’t know if it was a disagreement over parking since it was so busy or if it was the high emotion of the game,” Staab said. “Almost every game there’s a fight, shooting or something. Some drama happening.”

Police have not confirmed if the game and the shooting were connected.

Allegheny County Police are investigating.

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Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to contact county police at their tip line 1-833-ALL-TIPS.