PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – ABC Transit and the Teamsters Local 249 have come to a tentative agreement, avoiding a bus driver’s strike.

“Following 12 hours of negotiations with a federal mediator, ABC Transit Inc. agreed to a tentative contract with Teamsters Local 249, who indicated they will present the tentative agreement for approval to its membership,” ABC Transit Inc., said in a statement. “As a result, transportation will be provided for all North Hills School District students today, Wednesday, November 3.”

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The union has recommended the contract, saying that many of the outstanding issues with the original proposal have been addressed.

Teamsters Local 249 president has told KDKA’s Royce Jones that the contract will be ratified in the coming weeks.

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“Our bus drivers are a vital part of our daily operations, without them, we cannot give all of our students the in-person educational experience they need and deserve,” said North Hills Superintendent Dr. Patrick Mannarino. “We are thankful the two sides could come together and reach an agreement.”

The agreement comes after a strike authorization was agreed upon by ABC Transit and Teamsters Local 249 on Monday.

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Now, thousands of students in the North Hills School District will have transportation to school.