By: Shelley Bortz

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Snow and freezing temperatures are headed to our area and that could make for a slick morning commute.

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As that weather approaches, PennDOT crews are working to make sure they’re ready for whatever may come our way.

Trucks are being loaded with salt and crews are ready to go

PennDOT says they’ll have about 35 trucks on the roadways overnight to ensure the morning rush hour is safe.

“What can we do about it? Nothing,” that sentiment from Chery Weinert from Wexford is how a lot of drivers feel.

Snow and cold weather are coming whether you like it or not but safety is paramount.

“I spent 20 years in the Carolinas and this is my third winter back, so it’s definitely shocking,” Weinert said.

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PennDOT officials tell KDKA they’ve been monitoring the forecast and will make changes to their plan as needed.

As for now, they say salt is all that will be needed to tackle what’s headed our way.

“Right now, road temperatures are so that it’s really not cause for much concern,” said Ben DeVore of PennDOT. “We have our crews out on patrol and we have them staged at various areas so that we’re ready.”

It takes salt truck drivers about two hours to complete their routes, DeVore said.

However, accumulation is likely when snow is falling quickly.

“When the snow starts coming, check the news to see what the traffic reports are because you have to get ready for road conditions and getting to work on time,” said Max Maeder.

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The trucks are out, loaded with salt and they’re on standby for whatever comes tonight.