PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s crunch time for Christmas travel.

The TSA has already had four consecutive days of screening more than 2 million passengers.

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And the airports are only expected to get busier throughout the week as holiday air travel reaches near pre-pandemic levels.

So Wednesday and Thursday are expected to be the busiest days for air travel this week.

And the TSA wants passengers to arrive at least two hours early.

Travelers could run into problems finding parking or even returning their rental car.

Lines at check-in are expected to be long.

And then over at security checkpoint is the same deal.

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So to move people through the line quickly, the TSA says people need to know what’s not allowed in their carry-on bag.

Popular presents like champagne, eggnog and even snow globes bigger than a tennis ball are not making it through and will need to be checked.

You also need to consider how you package the presents you wanna bring on-board.

If it’s wrapped and gets flagged, security agents are gonna have to unwrap it to see what’s going on.

This adds at least three minutes to the process and makes the people behind you very annoyed.

So things like gift bags and boxes with lids are preferred.

“There’s a limit of 2.4 ounces that we have before you can bring something of that nature to the checkpoint,” Lisa Farbstein a TSA spokesperson said. “If you’re not sure if your snowglobe can go through the checkpoint, if the globe itself is a little smaller than a tennis ball, it’s probably okay to go. But if it’s larger than a tennis ball like this one, then you should put that into your checked bag.”

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And when in doubt, if you can spill it, spread it, spray it, pump it, or pour it–check it in your luggage.