The homeowners were left with a ransacked bedroom, broken windows and a mess in the backyard.By Jennifer Borrasso

BALDWIN, Pa. (KDKA) — An elderly couple was home alone when they say an intruder broke into their Baldwin home on Tuesday.

“He broke the two second-floor windows,” Jim Sweeney said. “My air conditioner was out on the roof. My bedside stands were upside down.”

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Sweeney’s life has been turned upside down.

“It is something you can’t imagine until it happens to you. … Now you are scared,” he said.

He feels violated after he said someone broke into his home on Roland Avenue on Tuesday afternoon. Sweeney was in the kitchen making dinner for his wife, who has Alzheimer’s, when he heard banging.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

“I heard someone banging on my roof,” he said.

Sweeney’s next-door neighbor, Carla Bell, heard the noise too and saw a man on the roof. She thought he was doing work.

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“I saw a young man on the roof holding the drain spout,” Bell said.

Sweeney and Bell then went outside. Bell called 911 and saw another neighbor running after the man, who got away before police arrived.

“Everything happened so fast like you were in a movie,” Bell said.

Sweeney was left with a ransacked bedroom, broken windows and a mess in the backyard.

“Saw the money laying everywhere,” Bell said. “Saw a dresser drawer thrown out here. Curtains sitting there, clothes.”

KDKA contacted the police about the investigation but has not heard back.

Sweeney said he is not sure who did this, but he believes the suspect wanted an envelope of cash in a bedroom.

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The man said police came back to his home on Wednesday as part of the investigation.

Jennifer Borrasso