People in Allegheny County are scrambling to get what they need to be prepared for dicey conditions on roads, driveways and sidewalks.

By: Jessica Guay, Meghan Schiller and Lindsay Ward/KDKA-TV

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – As people brace for winter weather, business is booming for local tire shops and hardware stores this week.

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Snow supplies have been collecting dust because our area hasn’t received measurable snow since last winter. But now, people in Allegheny County are scrambling to get what they need to be prepared for dicey conditions on roads, driveways and sidewalks.

It’s been snowing customers at McCullough Tire in Penn Hills because drivers are getting ready for whatever Mother Nature brings on Thursday.

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“Boom, once you get the snow in the forecast, we started getting busy again this past Monday,” said manager Dave Sarti.

Sarti said customers have been purchasing all-season tires and snow tires. He also said many customers are asking for tire changeovers and tire checks.

“You always got to look at your tires. Your car is going to tell you, just turn the wheel look at the front tires … they’re slick, you need to get them off … regular alignment issues, you need to get them off. If you start sliding, you’re going to know, your car’s going to tell you. You just can’t ignore those signs,” Sarti said.

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The owners of Rollier’s Hardware in Mount Lebanon are seeing an uptick in shoppers who need ice scrapers, snow and ice melter, and shovels.

“I needed a snow shovel. Mine broke last year so I figured with the snow coming, I better get prepared,” said Jim Williams, who was shopping at Rollier’s on Wednesday.

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“People are looking in their garage to see what they might need, but the big seller up front is the ice melter. They’re worried about the ice, not being able to get out of the driveway, just being safe,” said Derek Satterfield, part-owner of Rollier’s Hardware.

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Rollier’s aisles are stocked up with winter necessities. Satterfield said pet-friendly ice melter is very popular this season, but there is one thing you might not be able to find.

“Snow blowers are an issue, though. We have not been able to get our initial load of snow blowers, and we’re not sure if we’ll get any this year,” he said.

Both Sarti and Satterfield expect even more customers when snowflakes start falling.

“When the snow is in the air, even if you weren’t coming up for that, you’re thinking about it and you’re grabbing something,” said Satterfield.

“People will be here two hours before we open. They sit outside and wait to come in. We just start taking cars in order, we start setting times up because it’s just so much,” Sarti said.

Sarti said a last-minute tip for anyone hitting the roads on Thursday is to make sure your vehicle’s tire pressure is good.

For winter weather crews, the plan is simple. First, they pre-treated the roads. When the snow arrives, crews will hit the interstate, followed by the lower volume roads.

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Nearly 120 trucks will be out during the height of the storm across Allegheny, Beaver and Lawrence counties.