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Pittsburgh Artist Johno Prascak Brings Unique Work To Pittsburgh SportsJohno Prascak's artwork can be found all over; the Pro Football Hall of Fame, fan caves, and even the George H. W. Bush Presidential Library! However, it was his first client that he always remembers. He spoke with Rich Walsh about his art and his first client.
Skin In The Game: Justin RauschJustin Rausch is a Brighton Heights native living in Los Angeles, but one look at the tattoo on his forearm and there's no denying he's got 412 pride!
Ray-Z: SuperstitiousThe Steelers for the first time ever are 9-0 to start the season and is Ray-Z responsible for the hot start? He sure thinks so.
Public Art Display Honors Pittsburgh Sports HeroesA new, free public art installation in downtown Pittsburgh from Downtown Renowned will pay homage to 14 Pittsburgh sports legends! Jack Dougherty of the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership talks to Daisy Jade and Rich Walsh about the new project!
Fan Cave: Chris ShermanChris Sherman of Imperial may have a fan cave that looks like all the rest, but take a look inside and you'll see there is so much more to it!
Skin In The Game: Pens, Pirates, Steelers, And Pomp?John Stubenraugh III is a huge Pittsburgh sports fan and has the tattoos to prove it! With so much 412 ink, he took a step further and got a tattoo of Bob Pompeani's autograph and brought us and Pomp along for the ride!
The Steelers Helmet JeepsterRay and Kathy Kasunick of Ohio Township have a car you might have seen around town! It's a Jeepster designed to look like a Steelers helmet and it's one of a kind!
This Saturday on Fan N'ATion (November 21)Billy Gardell is droppin' in on our show! Take a game-winning drive behind the wheel of this cool Steelers Helmet Mobile. And - what is Pomp doing in this *Tattoo* studio? Nov 21, 2020 - 7:30 PM ON KDKA/CBSN and 9:30 PM ON PGH CW
Best Do-It-Yinz-Self Fan Cave BarYou remember him from his days on B94 but now, John Cline has a fully-functioning bar and plenty of memories in his fan cave in South Fayette!