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Quantum Spirits: Penguins Playoff CocktailsThe Penguins are pushing toward yet another Stanley Cup Playoff berth - so let's check out these Penguins-inspired drinks you can make right from the comfort of home! Food/Travel Writer, Madeline Quigley, shows us how to make "The Offsides".
412 Fanatic: Mimi SkowronskiMeet this little fanatic who's turning heads! Mimi Skowronski is a kid in Seneca Valley and not only is she a wrestler, but she's a football player! She's not just keeping up with the boys, she's dominating! Mimi joins Daisy and Rich and they give her a pretty big surprise!
Social N'AT: Dorm B-Ball, Sidney Crosby, And The RenegadesWhat were 412 sports fans talking about this week? We welcome back KDKA Digital Media Producer Patrick Damp to talk all things social media!
Where Yinz Been: Michael MoorerHe's one of the only heavyweight champions from western Pennsylvania and on April 22, 1994 the world learned Michael Moorer's name when he took down Evander Holyfield. So that leaves one question: Where yinz been?
412 Fanatics: Wildcat BeltsWhat do you call it when a passion becomes a career? You call it a dream come true! Andrew Lazarchik was a huge wrestling fan and he always loved the championship belts. Now, he makes them for the WWE and so many others!
Game-Winning Drives: "The Seven-Four"We finally have a Pittsburgh Penguins-themed vehicle and it's a big one! Join Daisy Jade as she takes to the skies with the 171st Refueling Wing and their Pens-inspired jet!
Saturday On JP Roofing FAN N'ATION (APRIL 17) – PROMOSee this mother and son's Penguins Fan Cave. Fly over the 412 in this Pens-inspired jet. We're mixing up the perfect Penguins cocktails to push us into the playoffs. SATURDAYS at 7:30 PM ON KDKA/CBSN and 11 PM ON PGH CW
Renegades Of The RotundaIt started off as just something fun and now it's an expectation when you arrive at PNC Park. You see them in the outfield nearly every game now, let's meet the people behind it: The Renegades Of The Rotunda!
Meet Our New Mascot: SpotWhen Rich suggested to Daisy that Fan N'ATion needed its own mascot, well, we got a little creative with the suggestion. So, the fine people at Carnegie Mellon made us a robotic one! Everyone, say hello to Spot!