Marty Griffin Urges Parents To Have Kids Vaccinated After Throat Cancer DiagnosisYou know him as the straight-talking host on KDKA Radio and the people problem solver "Get Marty," but now meet Marty Griffin, cancer patient, checking into Hillman Cancer Center for treatment.
BBB Issues Warning Over Back-To-School Coupon ConThere’s a new warning about a "coupon con," which is designed to swindle people right at the start of the school year.
CDC Unveils New Guidelines For Treating Concussions In ChildrenThe CDC has released new guidelines regarding children suffering concussions.
Trending Instagram Accounts Could Be Putting Teens In DangerMore than a billion people around the world use Instagram and it's especially popular with teens. However, some of the accounts that have been trending lately could be jeopardizing their safety.
Miracle Drug Or Snake Oil? CBD Gaining Popularity As Medical TreatmentCBD is being used to treat everything from pain to mental health conditions; but is it snake oil or the real deal?
Proper Care And Fit Of Sun Protective Clothing Can Help Prevent SunburnsIf you don't like having to repeatedly reapply sunscreen, clothing with UPF is a great alternative.
New CAR-T Treatment Giving Hope To Some Cancer PatientsFor cancer patients running out of options, a new approach has come along, just FDA-approved about a year ago, called CAR-T.
FDA-Approved Valve Treatment For COPD Seeing Positive ResultsA minimally-invasive treatment for COPD was just approved by the FDA, which is gaining traction.