By Jessica Ghilani

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Actress Keira Knightley continues to inspire stylish, fashion-forward fans around the globe. Whether she’s wearing glamorous red carpet gowns or effortless casual ensembles, she manages to look pulled together. You don’t need a movie star budget or a team of stylists to gather lessons from Keira’s style. When taking inspiration from a celebrity look, be sure to maintain your own unique aesthetic. With an open mind and a little creativity, you can create an outfit that stays true to you, your shape, and your budget.

First, consider your own body and your silhouette comfort zone. If you are petite, it might be wise to choose a military-inspired outerwear piece that is cut in a tailored way. Otherwise a statement jacket could swallow your shape.

The great thing about this simple outfit is how many of the elements can come from an existing wardrobe. Black pants, a black top, a beanie cap, some glamorous sunglasses, and layers of costume jewelry provide a simple backdrop that lets the statement jacket sing. The cool thing about the jewelry combination is the varying lengths of her necklaces. The added pop of garnet-hued gemstones helps keep this outfit from being too staid, boring, or boy-like. Sure, it is androgynous but the jewelry adds femininity.

Military-inspired pieces and androgynous jackets seem to never go out of style. If you are feeling budget-minded, you can borrow a similar piece from one of the men in your life, you can scour the round racks at your nearest thrift store, or you can check out your local Army Navy Supply shop. If you are itching to shop, you can see what is available in current retail stores. In addition to the typical contemporary clothing sections, consider checking out the offerings in men’s. Try a piece one size down from what you would typically wear in the women’s department for a tighter fit. On a recent mall trip, I spotted pieces at Burlington Coat Factory, Kohls, Avalon Exchange, and the Pittsburgh-based college student favorite, American Eagle Outfitters.

(Photo: Jessica Ghilani)

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Pair this androgynous ensemble with black riding boots so your feet stay warm and dry. Or to add a bit of Hollywood glamour, wear this with oxford pumps.

A celebrity-inspired winter weather look can easily be transitioned for real-life wear when you mine your own existing closet.

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