By Brooke Keane

Anyone who has seen the 1985 movie “Clue,” based on the popular board game of the same name, has thought that having a murder mystery party would be killer.


All lame puns aside, playing a murderer or a murderee with your friends, or your enemies, can make for a fun and interesting party that is much different from the norm.

While one may think it would be easy to have a murder mystery party on your own, in the Pittsburgh area, there is a team of professionals at McCaffery Mysteries, Inc. who promise that not only will you and your guests eat, drink and “be murdered,” but that it will be an unforgettable party for everyone.

Having been performing for almost 10 years, McCaffery Mysteries, Inc. provides their murderous services for private parties, corporate events and fundraisers in a fun and clean way, appropriate for all ages. Each show has a pre-written script, leaving room for improvisation by the actors, especially if your party is for a specific event like a birthday or anniversary. By letting the company know the reason for the party, or the group that it is being held for, they can tailor the script or add improvisational jokes to add memorable special touches.

The troupe is able to perform for any size group in any venue, as long as the number of people also fits the venue. The size of the venue and the number of guests will also affect the cost of the performance, but McCaffery Mysteries, Inc. is more than willing to negotiate the cost of any performance to fit into your budget. They are also willing to travel around the Pittsburgh area for your convenience.

And if any of your guests are shy, participation is not mandatory. So you can reassure your friends who may not be as outgoing that they will not be forced against their will to be a part of the show.


McCaffery Mysteries, Inc. also holds to a mission of making these parties not only fun, but exercises in teambuilding and problem solving. Not only an experiment in crossing education and fun, the company also donates a portion of their ticket sales to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Animal Rescue League.

If you’re looking to get the experience of a mystery dinner party without all of the stress of throwing the party on your own, McCaffery Mysteries, Inc. also holds shows regularly at Gaetano’s Banquet Center Restaurant on Saturdays and sell ticket gift certificates for the shows on their website. Evenings include dinner, the show, non-alcoholic drinks, tax and gratuity.

Also coming up, the company has two disco-themed murder mystery weekends planned at Oglebay Resort on March 30 to April 1 and on May 11 to May 13.

For more information on the company, upcoming shows, or booking your own show, visit their website at or call 412-833-5056.

Brooke Keane acquired a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Pittsburgh’s Point Park University where she served in several editorial positions on school weekly, The Globe. Since graduating, Brooke has blogged for online vintage clothing boutique Crazy Hot Clothes and tried her hand at some freelance work. First a writer and then a fashion-lover, Brooke can be found spending time at the mall, when she doesn’t have her nose buried in an AP Stylebook or is surveying Craigslist for jobs.