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By Sally Turkovich

Have you ever asked yourself, what I am supposed to do when I don’t have time to go home before a date? Believe it or not, transitioning from what you wear to work to what you wear on your date is not as difficult of a task as it may first seem. Guys may have it easier than gals but even the gals can make it all work with ease.

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For Her:

Ladies, here’s what you need to remember: Fresh lipstick, a colorful scarf and some bright colored shoes can radically change your attitude and your outfit after a long day at work. If you’re anything like me, you’ll plan your outfit you wear to work around the fun social things you’re going to after work. So my suggestion is to wear your favorite pencil skirt to work with your favorite top and pack some funky accessories and a change of shoes in your handbag. Those gorgeous snake print sandals that you’d LOVE to wear all day but just won’t cut it at work are the perfect thing to put on to go out to dinner. Pair them with some large earrings, some statement rings and that smoking hot red lipstick you’ve been meaning to sweep on your lips! Stop by Four Winds on Walnut Street in Shadyside to pick up a new pair of earrings or Hey Betty on Ellsworth Avenue in Shadyside to grab a boldly-colored vintage scarf to complete your outfit.

Hey Betty
5890 Ellsworth Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
Monday – Friday 12:30- 5:30
Business Directory Listing

Four Winds Gallery
5512 Walnut Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday – 10-5:30
Business Directory Listing

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For Him:

For men, a dinner date night wardrobe can be as casual as jeans and button down shirt. Clean, well-fitting jeans are the key here. If you wear a shirt and tie to work, throw a pair of jeans in your workbag and change before you leave the office. Going to a nicer place? Skip the jeans and carry a fresh shirt into work with you. Keep your dress pants on lose the tie and put on the fresh shirt on your way out of the office. Your date should not see that dribble of guacamole on your shirt from the messy burrito you ate at your desk at noon! Wash your face, run some gel through your hair and go meet your date! Forgot your jeans? Didn’t bring a fresh shirt? Stop at an independently owned men’s store like Moda on Walnut Street in Shadyside or The Garage on Forbes Avenue in Squirrel Hill. You can never have too many pairs of tailored jeans or tailored button-downs and a hot date is a great excuse to add some pieces to your wardrobe.

5401 Walnut Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
Monday – Friday 11-8
Business Directory Listing

The Garage
5841 Forbes
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 10-6; Tuesday, Thursday – 10-9
Website: http://charlesspiegel.com

lips Transitioning From Work To Date

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Other Considerations:

Wear a uniform to work? Get dirty at work? Well, you’ve got some more prep to do. Keep a change of street clothes in your car or your workbag (guys: jeans and a fresh button down; ladies: a winkle-resistant wrap-dress) as well as some dry shampoo and some face wash. Ladies, believe it or not, less is more with makeup. Wash the day off your face, put on some illuminator or bronzer, then apply a sweep of mascara and lipstick and get going to that hot date that awaits you!

The most important thing to remember on your date whether it’s your first date or your fiftieth is to have fun, relax and be comfortable in your own skin (and your outfit) as you look across the table at your dining companion.

Sally Turkovich lives in Pittsburgh with her fiancé, Jason and German Shepherd, Zeus. By day, she works as an eyewear stylist for an independent eye doctor. By night, she dons her favorite wrap dress and heels and heads out for date night with Jason.


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