Meteorologist Kristin Emery joined the KDKA-TV team in 2012 and is happy to be back home with family in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Joined KDKA: 2012
Hometown: Washington, Pa.
Alma Mater: Washington High School, West Virginia University, Mississippi State University

Music: U2, Billy Joel, Bruno Mars, reggae & blues
Movie: “Working Girl”, “Gone With The Wind”, “The Sting”, “Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid”, “Bourne Identity”, anything by Mel Brooks!
TV Show: “Bates Motel”, “Elementary”, “Fixer Upper”
Book: “On The Road” by Charles Kuralt
Hobbies:Skiing, Scuba Diving, Golf, Travel
Sports Team: Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, WVU Mountaineers
Food: Chocolate ice cream all day long!
Local Restaurant: Al n Ruben’s in Washington, Peter Allen’s, The Carlton
Hidden PA Gem: Hidden Valley Ski Resort- not as much attention as big brother 7 Springs but just as fun!
Sport/Exercise: Skiing, golf, walking, dancing
Historical Figure: Abraham Lincoln
Favorite Pennsylvanian: Jimmy Stewart
Quote: “Never, never, never give up.” ― Winston Churchill
Word: Shenanigans
Vacation Spot: The Caribbean and Europe
Holiday: Christmas Eve.
Guilty Pleasure: Binge watching HGTV’s “Caribbean Life” and an occasional splurge of potato chips and French onion dip!
Planet: Mars

Facebook or Twitter? Twitter
Cats or Dogs? Dogs, but I am allergic to both!
Beatles or Rolling Stones? Stones!
Comedy or Tearjerker? Comedy
Phone Call or Text Message? Text
Mac or PC? PC
Coffee or Tea? Coffee, but I love them both!
Paper or Plastic? I try to bring my own reusable grocery tote bags.
Morning Person or Night Person? Night except when I am on the morning news broadcasts!
East Coast or West Coast? East Coast, but I love to visit out west
Star Trek or Star Wars? Star Wars

Meteorologist Kristin Emery joined the KDKA-TV team in 2012 and is happy to be back home with family in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Kristin was born and raised in “little” Washington, graduated from Washington High School and earned her journalism degree at West Virginia University.

She started her weather career at WTOV-TV in Steubenville, Ohio, before moving on to forecast weather and report and anchor news at stations in Florida, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and Ohio. Kristin loves news reporting and telling people’s stories, but her true love is forecasting the weather.

She completed her meteorological studies at Mississippi State University. She is an award-winning reporter and was nominated for an Emmy for her work covering the deadly tornado outbreak in Alabama in 2011.

Through the years, she has reported on everything from politics to sports to medicine and covered every kind of weather event you can imagine including floods, blizzards, ice storms, mudslides, tornadoes and hurricanes. She cites Hurricane Andrew in Florida as one of her most memorable stories.

She is a member of the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association and holds seals of approval from both. Kristin is also a fellow of the RIAS Berlin Commission through RTDNA and reported from Germany on the 60th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift, issues surrounding German reunification and the formation of the European Union.

When she’s not forecasting the weather, Kristin is outside enjoying it on the ski slopes, scuba diving and golfing. Kristin’s favorite hobbies include travel and following Pittsburgh and WVU sports teams.