Woman Fighting To Reunite Her Family After Being Excommunicated From Local Church She Calls A CultA woman said a local church is home to a cult that has destroyed her family.
Agencies Come Together to Solve Downtown Homeless Shelter ConcernsIn the summer, downtown's homeless and the destitute often sleep in doorways in the open air. But as the temperature drops, the concern rises.
'Somebody Didn't Do Their Job': Man Found Dead Inside PPG Paints Arena Bathroom After 40 HoursThe family of a man who was found dead in a bathroom at PPG Paints Arena wants to know why his body was not discovered until more than 40 hours later.
Pittsburgh Police Honor Officers' Heroism After They Responded To The Tree Of Life Synagogue ShootingPittsburgh officials are praising three officers for their acts of heroism during the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting that took place last year.
KDKA Exclusive: Pittsburgh School Board Reprimands Supt. Anthony Hamlet Over Unauthorized Cuba TripPittsburgh Public Schools Superintendent Anthony Hamlet has been reprimanded by the board for an unauthorized trip to Cuba.
KDKA Investigates: Catholic Diocese Of Pittsburgh's Fiscal Crisis Puts Squeeze On Catholic SchoolsMany catholic schools are in financial trouble.
The Meadows Hoping New Sportsbook Gives Casino BoostSports betting has caught fire in Pennsylvania and is getting hotter, especially among the rabid sports fans in our neck of the woods.
100s Of Pittsburgh Public School Credit Cards Run Up Millions Of Dollars In PurchasesHundreds of credit cards issued by the district to teachers and staff have questionable oversight and controls.
You Have One Year Left To Get A Real IDBeginning Oct. 1, 2020, if you want to fly on an airplane, enter a federal building or go onto a military base, your driver's license should have a gold star on it, indicating a Real ID.
KDKA Investigates: Local Towns Fighting For Power To Ban FrackingShould towns have the power to bank fracking?
Northern Regional Police Chief: Dept. Has No Investigation Open Into Antonio BrownThe chief of Northern Regional Police says his department has no sexual assault investigation open involving former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown.