Pa. Auditor General Demands Answers In Wake Of KDKA Investigation Into School District ContractsA state investigation and audit have been ordered in response to KDKA's investigations into millions of dollars in contracts by Pittsburgh Public Schools.
KDKA Investigates: Pittsburgh Public Schools Superintendent Lavishes Millions On No-Bid Tech ContractsPittsburgh School Superintendent Anthony Hamlet has spent millions of dollars of district funds on dozens of high-tech education tools of questionable worth.
KDKA Investigates: Pittsburgh Educators Flew To Miami At District Expense, Took Trip To Cuba Without School Board ApprovalKDKA has learned that the Pittsburgh Public Schools superintendent and four administrators took an all-expenses-paid trip to Cuba last month without the approval of the school board.
KDKA Investigates: Are Dark Web Forums Breeding Grounds For The Next Racist Mass Murders?Websites that offer anonymity to those with hateful views are becoming a topic of discussion among law enforcement agencies.
Pittsburgh Could Lead The Way In America's Robotic & Artificial Intelligence FutureThe development of robotics and artificial intelligence in the United States is underway and Pittsburgh is leading the way.
Pittsburgh Marathon Runner To Honor Tree Of Life Victims With 11-Pound VestMatt Scoletti will be honoring the 11 Tree Of Life massacre victims by wearing an 11-pound vest during the marathon.
KDKA Investigates: Residents Of Butler Co. Community Blame Fracking For Bad Water, But DEP Says OtherwiseResidents of a Butler County community say fracking polluted their water, but state and federal agencies say that's not the case.
KDKA Investigates: Cemetery Tells Widower Mausoleum Late Wife Purchased Crypt In Was Never BuiltA local family is upset that a mausoleum, for which their wife and mother paid thousands of dollars, was never built.
Lawrenceville Bar Owner Gets Building Back After Judge Dismisses Neglect CaseThe owner of a Lawrenceville bar is getting his building back after a judge dismissed a case against him.
Pittsburgh Marathon Staff And Volunteers Preparing For Race WeekendOver 4,000 Pittsburgh Marathon volunteers and hundreds of staff are preparing for the race.
Pat Rooney Brings Back The Fountain Of Her Youth On The NorthsidePat Rooney's efforts helped restore the fountain in the Allegheny Commons.