Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight: How To Watch In PittsburghThe Perseid meteor shower, one of the most popular meteor showers of the year, will face some competition from the moon this year during its peak.
Look Up: You Can See The NEOWISE Comet From PittsburghThe brightest comet since 1997's Comet Hale-Bopp will bring is drawing attention in the night sky. Yes, even in Pittsburgh!
A Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Will Be Visible Above Pittsburgh July 5Make sure you look up July 5 for a chance to catch the penumbral lunar eclipse.
A Pink Moon, The Biggest And Brightest Supermoon Of 2020, Is Taking Over The Sky TuesdayMake sure you look up on Tuesday: a Super Pink Moon is taking over the sky.
Super Worm Moon To Peak Over Pittsburgh Next WeekMake sure you look up on March 9: a Super Worm Moon is taking over the sky.
Full Snow Moon To Peak In Pittsburgh This WeekendMake sure you look up this week: a snow moon will be taking over the sky on Sunday. 
5 Planets, Full 'Cold Moon' To Make Their Way Across The Sky TonightThe timing of 12/12 full moon makes it a little special, but that is certainly not the only thing happening Wednesday night into Thursday.
Pieces Of Halley's Comet To Streak Across The Sky During Orionid Meteor Shower's PeakThe Orionid meteor shower, originating from bits and pieces of Halley's Comet, is expected to hit its peak by next week.
Here's The Need-To-Know For This Year's Hunter's MoonThe Hunter's Moon is a full moon, but better.
NASA Satellite Discovers Potentially Habitable Super-EarthAfter completing its first year of observations in the southern sky, NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite has spotted some intriguing new exoplanets only 31 light-years away from Earth.
Strawberry Moon: Best Times To Catch The Celestial EventIt's time for another notable celestial event. Be sure to cast your gaze toward the sky for 2019's Strawberry Moon.