15 Parishes In The Catholic Diocese Of Pittsburgh To Merge Into Four New ParishesBishop David Zubik and the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh announced another round of parish mergers.
Catholic Diocese Of Pittsburgh Announces New Names For Newly Combined SchoolsThe new names for the newly combined schools in the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh were announced.
Diocese Of Pittsburgh Holds Good Friday Service At St. Paul CathedralBishop Zubik is allowing churches to increase capacity to 75% for Holy Week and Easter services.
Catholic Diocese Of Pittsburgh Merging Several Elementary SchoolsThe Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh announced it is merging some of its elementary schools.
Catholic Diocese Of Pittsburgh: 14 Merged Parishes To Be Formed In January 2021Fourteen groupings of parishes in the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh will merge in January to create 14 new parishes.
COVID-19 In Pittsburgh: Bishop Zubik Says People Who Are Pro-Life 'Wear Masks'Bishop David Zubik is urging people to wear masks to save lives as COVID-19 cases surge locally and nationally.
Bishop Zubik: Christmas Vigil Masses Can Begin In The Afternoon This YearAhead of the start of the holiday season, Bishop David Zubik is announcing some changes and reminders about Christmas Mass due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Bishop David Zubik Praises Appointment Of First African-American Cardinal Wilton GregoryArchbishop Wilton Gregory is now the first African-American to hold the position of cardinal.
Pope Francis Endorses Same-Sex Civil Unions; Bishop David Zubik Says Comments Are Being MisinterpretedBishop David Zubik believes Pope Francis' comments are being misinterpreted.
Catholic Diocese Of Pittsburgh To Ease Capacity Limits At MassBishop David Zubik is easing the limits on Mass attendance in the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh.
Bishop David Zubik Will Not Endorse Presidential CandidateBishop David Zubik says he is not getting involved in the November election and will not endorse a particular presidential candidate.