Immunotherapy Could Be Game Changer In Cancer TreatmentFor decades, chemotherapy and radiation were the only ways to treat cancer, but doctors have seen growing success recently with another treatment called immunotherapy.
New Brain Cancer Treatment For Dogs Could Someday Help HumansResearchers at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech are enrolling dogs with glioblastoma into a clinical trial to test the experimental drug.
New CAR-T Treatment Giving Hope To Some Cancer PatientsFor cancer patients running out of options, a new approach has come along, just FDA-approved about a year ago, called CAR-T.
'Chemo Bath' Being Used To Target Difficult To Treat Cancers In AbdomenWhen cancer forms in places like the abdomen, it can be hard to target the treatment. But, there is an approach that can fight it.
Ongoing Legal Battle Delaying Promising Cancer Treatment ResearchIt was a revolutionary idea - a way to treat cancer without the side effects of chemotherapy. Doctors called it promising, but it has hit a major roadblock.
New Trial To Start Soon For Cancer Patients Out Of Treatment OptionsFor people whose cancer has stopped responding to standard therapy and are out of treatment options, a new trial is starting soon called the NCI-MATCH trial.
Anonymous Donor Gives $50K For Cancer Patient's TreatmentMatt Klutka thinks he’s a lucky man even though he’s been fighting cancer for a year.
New Breast Cancer Drug: Benefit And CostGrandmother, wife and artist Joan Esposito has breast cancer -- a specific kind called "HER-2 positive."
New Test May Better Predict Breast Cancer RecurrenceCan breast cancer recurrence be predicted? Typically doctors use tumor size, spread, and what it looks like under the microscope.
Breast Cancer Breakthrough Helps Minimize SurgeriesJoy Taylor is about to have a lumpectomy. Her doctor is using a new FDA-approved device that helps breast cancer patients avoid additional surgery.
Genetic Test May Help Take Guesswork Out Of Prostate Cancer DiagnosisMen diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer may soon have a better idea whether their cancer will advance and if they will need treatment.