15 Parishes In The Catholic Diocese Of Pittsburgh To Merge Into Four New ParishesBishop David Zubik and the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh announced another round of parish mergers.
Catholic Diocese Of Pittsburgh Announces New Names For Newly Combined SchoolsThe new names for the newly combined schools in the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh were announced.
Catholic Diocese Of Pittsburgh To Fully Open Churches May 31Churches in the Catholic Diocese Of Pittsburgh will open to full capacity on May 31.
Catholic Diocese Of Pittsburgh Encourage Parishioners To Check COVID-19 Procedures Before Easter ServicesAhead of what the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh calls the holiest and historically most crowded days of the Christian year, Bishop David Zubik is reminding people to check with their parishes about COVID-19 procedures before attending Easter services.
Pittsburgh Catholic Diocese Decides To Uphold St. Philip School MergerThe Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh has decided to uphold the upcoming merger of St. Philip School in Crafton with St. Margaret of Scotland in Green Tree.
Save St. Philip School: Community Rallies To Help Save 106-Year-Old Catholic SchoolHundreds of community members marched to help stop the closure of a popular Catholic school in Crafton on Sunday.
Diocese Of Pittsburgh Discourages Catholics From Using Johnson & Johnson Vaccine If PossibleThe Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh says it agrees with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, which raised moral concerns over the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine because it is produced using a cell line derived from an aborted fetus.
'The Neighborhood Jewel': Community Fights To Save St. Philip School In Crafton From ClosingParents are trying to save a catholic school in Crafton from closing.
Catholic Diocese Of Pittsburgh Merging Several Elementary SchoolsThe Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh announced it is merging some of its elementary schools.
COVID-19 In Pittsburgh: Catholic Schools Have Largely Stayed Open Since The FallMore than 10,000 students attend Catholic schools in the Pittsburgh area and a large amount of those schools managed to remain open since the fall.
COVID-19 In Pittsburgh: Saint Athanasius Church Reopening Following COVID-19 ConcernsSaint Athanasius Church in West View will reopen on Monday.