Determined Doctor, Firefighters Rescue Kitten From Oakland Sewer GrateSome Pittsburgh firefighters are being credited with saving a kitten that fell through a sewer grate in Oakland.
Authorities: 42 Cats Removed From Youngstown House, 2 EuthanizedAuthorities say they removed 42 cats from an Ohio house, with many of the animals in poor shape.
Pickles, The Cat Whose Paw Was Blown Off By Firecrackers, Is Expected To Be Ready For Adoption In A Few DaysYou can now apply to adopt Pickles, a cat injured in a horrific case of animal cruelty.
Animal Friends Waives Adoption Fees This WeekendAnimal Friends is waiving adoption fees this weekend after having too many kittens and not enough room.
Police: Woman Arrested With A Suitcase Full Of CatsPolice arrested a woman for public intoxication two days in a row. Officials said the first day, she was carrying a suitcase with cats inside it.
Rats Are Winning Battle Against Cats, New Study RevealsCats have long been thought of as the natural enemy of rats. However, a new study shows cats favor smaller prey like mice and birds.
Paw-ternity Leave: Companies Offer Paid Leave To Care For Sick PetsSome companies across the U.S. are recognizing this and are now offering employees paid leave to care for new puppies or sick pets.
Lucky Cat Survives Being Hit By Two Cars, Reunited With OwnerA cat in upstate New York used up two of his nine lives when he was hit by a pair of vehicles on a rural road.
Parasite In Cat Poop May Make Humans More Business Savvy, Study SaysA new study is claiming all that cat poop may actually be making some owners more business-savvy entrepreneurs.
Paralyzed Cat Becomes An Inspirational Internet StarSocial media is filled with all sorts of cat videos, however one feline's inspirational story is warming hearts and teaching people about the value of compassion.
Shelter Cats Learning To High-Five To Help Adoption ChancesIn an effort to make them more adoptable, cats are learning how to give their new owners a friendly high-five.