Paralyzed Cat Becomes An Inspirational Internet StarSocial media is filled with all sorts of cat videos, however one feline's inspirational story is warming hearts and teaching people about the value of compassion.
Shelter Cats Learning To High-Five To Help Adoption ChancesIn an effort to make them more adoptable, cats are learning how to give their new owners a friendly high-five.
Cat Saved After Walking 12 Miles To Family Who Rejected HimA cat named Toby missed his former owners so much that he walked 12 miles to be with them again.
Animal General Vet. Dr. Mike's Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe In The Extreme ColdWhen you put on that extra layer of clothing, are you remembering to keep your four-legged friend safe?
Furry Tails: Greene Co. Shelter, Overflowing With Felines, Launches Cat-A-Day MissionThe Humane Society of Greene County is overflowing with cats. Because of that, they’ve launched a mission this season of giving.
'Pittsburgh's Pretty Kitties' Set To Debut At Row House CinemaIt might just be the most purr-fect video ever produced, and it premieres this Friday at the Row House Cinema.
Furry Tails: Want To Adopt A Cat? Meow’s The Time To Do ItAnimal shelters all over the country are filled with homeless cats in need of loving families, and that’s the reason for initiatives like Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month.
LOOK: Cat Steals The Show During Marlins-Braves GameThe Marlins put on a show and beat the Braves 8-4, but an unexpected furry guest stole some of the home team's thunder.
Pittsburgh’s First Cat Café Ready To Open To PublicCat cafés have become popular in other cities, and now, Pittsburgh has its first one.
New Treatment Aims To Help People Who Suffer From Cat AllergiesChances are if you have seasonal allergies you’re also allergic to cats.
Furry Tails: Soul Rescue Yoga Event To Benefit Animal FriendsIf you’re a cat person who loves yoga, there’s a great event going on next week to raise awareness for pet adoption.
Cat Café Trend Me-Wowing People Across The U.S.Have you heard about cat cafés? Coffee and cats may sound like an unusual combination, but it's the newest trend!
New Documentary Examines Which One Loves Us More: Cats Or DogsMany people have pets because they bring us joy. Cat people claim cats are the best. Dog people say dogs are the best.
Furry Tails: Orange Cat Collar ProjectThe makers of the new and growing-in-popularity crowdfunded card game, “Exploding Kittens,” are hoping a new and creative idea helps bring runaway cats back home to their families.
Furry Tails: National Cat DayDid you give any extra love to your favorite feline friend today?