'There Was An Assumption We Would Be Prepared': CMU Professor Says U.S. Didn't Have Public Health Infrastructure In Place To Mitigate Pandemic FalloutThere are warnings that the coronavirus pandemic could change the world order as it reveals nation’s strengths and weaknesses.
Coronavirus In Pennsylvania: CMU Professor Says People Expect Life To Go Back To Normal After Coronavirus, But 'That's Not The Case At All'In these dark days of the coronavirus, there are beginning to be some glimmers of hope.
Coronavirus Cancellation: CMU Moves In-Person Summer Classes Online Due To Uncertainty Of Coronavirus OutbreakCMU is moving its in-person and on-campus summer classes online due to the uncertainty of the coronavirus outbreak.
Coronavirus Detected By Voice? Carnegie Mellon Researchers Develop App To ‘Listen’ For Signs Of COVID-19Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University say they have created an app that can determine whether you might have COVID-19, just by analyzing your voice.
Coronavirus In Pittsburgh: CMU Student Tests Positive For COVID-19A CMU student is in self-isolation in an off-campus residence after testing positive for COVID-19.
CMU: Member Of University Community In Self-Quarantine, Experiencing Flu-Like SymptomsCarnegie Mellon University is warning of someone in the school community who is experiencing flu-like symptoms.
New Technology Tries To Identify Problem Spots Before Landslides HappenNext week, it will be two years since Charles and Beth Butler watched their home go down under the power of the Greenleaf mud slide in Duquesne Heights.
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Iranian Student Studying At CMU On Student Visa: 'I Do Worry About My Family'A 31-year-old CMU doctoral student from Iran is concerned about his family that still lives there.
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Carbon Monoxide Alarm Prompts Evacuation At CMU DormA carbon monoxide alarm has prompted the evacuation of a dorm this morning on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University in Oakland.