Does It Really Do That? Ice GenieThe Ice Genie claims it can help you make more ice in less space, but does it really do that?
Does It Really Do That? The Negg"The Negg" was created by a home cook in Connecticut with too many deviled eggs to prepare.
Who You See Before You Die: Hospice Documenting Patients' Mysterious Dream ExperiencesDeath is one of the mysteries of life. But the dreams of patients at Hospice Buffalo in New York State are revealing something incredible about the process of dying.
Does It Really Do That? FurZapperThe FurZapper claims it can "zap" pet fur off blankets, bedding and more, but does it really do that?
Pittsburgh Native Actor And Musician Jeff Goldblum Back To Play For Home CrowdActor and musician Jeff Goldblum is back in the steel city to perform two sold-out shows tonight in Munhall, not far from where he grew up in West Homestead.
Does It Really Do That? Collar PressWhat if a device could do some of your ironing for you while your clothes dry? That's exactly what the maker of the Collar Press claims it can do.
Hundreds Pack City-County Building To Air Thoughts On Gun LegislationHundreds of citizens from the City of Pittsburgh packed into the City-County building in an open discussion before city council.
Local Company Offering Jobs To Furloughed Federal WorkersA local business is offering furloughed federal workers a chance to earn some money during the government shutdown.
Brave Souls Battle Cold At Monroeville Mall, Agree With Schools' Decisions To DelayDespite the cold, people are still venturing outside to go shopping and grab a bite to eat at the Monroeville Mall, and many agree with local schools’ decisions to have delays on Tuesday.
Pittsburgh Weather: PennDOT, Public Works Road Crews Change Plans As Rain Falls Instead Of SnowRain instead of snow falling in Allegheny County on Saturday has meant a change of plans for road crews.
Pittsburgh Weather: Pa. Turnpike Maintenance Crews Preparing For SnowstormPennsylvania Turnpike maintenance workers are planning on sleeping at the Harrison City maintenance facility, with no one going home until the storm passes.