Pennsylvania Voters Impose Limits On Governor's Emergency Disaster PowersPennsylvania voters became the first in the nation to impose restrictions on a governor’s authority under an emergency disaster declaration, approving constitutional amendments sped to a statewide referendum by Republican lawmakers angry over how Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf handled the pandemic response.
1st Ballot Test Of Governor's Pandemic Powers Starts In PennsylvaniaRepublican lawmakers across the country have tried to roll back the emergency powers that governors wielded during the COVID-19 pandemic, as they ordered businesses shut, mask-wearing in public and students home for distance learning.
Some Officials Urge Pennsylvanians To 'Vote No' On Disaster Declaration Constitutional Amendments On The BallotSome state and local leaders are asking voters to "vote no" on two proposed constitutional amendments that will appear on the ballot for the upcoming May primary.
Pennsylvania Voters To Weigh In On Government Pandemic Power StruggleA pandemic power struggle that has raged for a year between Pennsylvania’s Democratic governor and its Republican-led Legislature will land on voters’ laps next month in the form of two proposed constitutional amendments that could limit the length of disaster emergencies.
Lawmakers Seek Long-Term Limit On Governors’ Emergency PowerAs governors loosen long-lasting coronavirus restrictions, state lawmakers across the U.S., including in Pennsylvania and Ohio, are taking actions to significantly limit the power they could wield in future emergencies.
Republicans Say Wolf Administration Is Trying To Sabotage Ballot Question About Governors' Disaster Emergency PowersRepublican leaders of Pennsylvania’s Legislature said Wednesday that Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration is trying to sabotage ballot questions to amend the constitution to shift authority over the length of emergency declarations from governors to lawmakers.
COVID-19 In Pennsylvania: Gov. Tom Wolf Renews Coronavirus Disaster DeclarationGov. Tom Wolf signed a fourth renewal of the COVID-19 disaster declaration Friday.
Pennsylvania Lawmakers Tee Up Referendum On Limiting Governors' Disaster Emergency PowersA divided state House on Friday gave lawmakers’ final OK to put on the May ballot a constitutional amendment limiting governors’ powers during a disaster emergency.
Constitutional Amendment Could Limit A Governor's Emergency Powers During PandemicPennsylvania voters will likely soon get the final say about whether to limit the governor’s powers during a disaster emergency after a divided state House of Representatives endorsed a proposed constitutional amendment Wednesday.
Republican-Controlled State Senate Passes Measure To Limit Governor's Disaster AuthorityThe Republican-controlled Senate passed a measure Tuesday to take some emergency management power away from Pennsylvania’s governors as lawmakers struck out at Gov. Tom Wolf’s handling of the pandemic response.
Gov. Tom Wolf To Veto Bills On Carrying And Selling Guns During Disaster EmergenciesGov. Wolf will veto legislation that would repeal laws intended to control the carrying of guns and prevent public officials from shutting down firearms sales during disaster emergencies.