Dormont Pool Will Not Open In 2020 Due To Coronavirus, 100th Anniversary Celebration To Be DelayedThe Dormont Pool will not be opening in 2020 because of the Coronavirus pandemic.
Humane Animal Rescue Announces Plans For Annual Dormont Doggie DipHumane Animal Rescue has released details about this year's Dormont Doggie Dip.
Dogs Have Their Day At Local PoolsBefore some pools close for the season, they're giving dogs a chance to enjoy a dip.
Deep End Life Jacket Policy At Local Pools Has Some UpsetSome people are upset about plans to allow young children to swim in the deep end of some local pools.
Dogs Celebrate Labor Day With Annual Dip In Dormont Pool Today’s rain couldn’t keep some dogs from getting in one last swim this summer.
Doggie Dip in Dormont You can help your pooch cool off this Labor Day by taking a dip in the Dormont Pool.
Best Places To Sunbathe In PittsburghGrab your SPF 30, a beach blanket and mindset on soaking up some Vitamin D rays. Here are the best spots in Pittsburgh for sunbathing.
Some Unhappy With Dormont Pool's New Management The Dormont Pool's open and under new management, but not everyone's happy.
Best Public Pools In PittsburghIt seems as if winter has relinquished its destructive grip on the Pittsburgh region and that means swimming pools are preparing for an annual start-up for the Memorial Day weekend.
Pittsburgh Pooches Dog Paddle Through Dormont PoolThe little dogs gathered early in the heat of late summer, for the Labor Day Doggy Dip in the Dormont Pool.
Giant Holes In Dormont Parking Lot No Longer A Mystery Officials have solved the mystery of the giant holes plaguing the Dormont pool parking lot.