WVU Hospitals And Monroeville-Based Company Team Up To Develop Incontinence SolutionNo one knows why stress incontinence happens, but WVU Hospitals and a Monroeville-based company are developing solutions.
Indoor Tanning Hastens MelanomaWhen she was in high school and college, Jessica Rogowicz used tanning beds. Skin cancer wasn't even a consideration.
Amid Statewide Hepatitis A Outbreak, Physician Shares Prevention TipsHepatitis A is a viral infection. It's one of several types of hepatitis viruses that causes inflammation of the liver.
'Like A Veil Lifted Up In Front Of Me': Patients Struggling With Depression Find Relief In Magnetic Stimulation TreatmentFor many people who struggle with depression, medication just doesn't work, but a treatment now offered in Pittsburgh is helping people improve.
New Lapiplasty Treatment Helping Bunion Sufferers Get Back On Their Feet FasterA new treatment for bunions is helping patients get back on their feet much faster.
'This Is Going To Be Considered An Outbreak': Allegheny Co. Now Has 5 Confirmed Cases Of Measles, Officials Recommend Checking Immunity StatusAllegheny County now has five confirmed cases of measles, local officials are recommending people check their immunity status.
Local Doctors Flooded With Calls Following Measles Diagnosis In PittsburghLocal doctors have been responding to calls and questions regarding vaccinations following a case of measles in Pittsburgh.
New Treatment For Breast Cancer Patients 50 And Older Taking Place In PittsburghA new type of breast cancer treatment for patients 50 and older is taking place here in Pittsburgh
Researchers Working On Test That Could Diagnose Fibromyalgia In 1 DayDoctors are working on test that could someday help diagnose fibromyalgia in just one day.
Immunotherapy Could Be Game Changer In Cancer TreatmentFor decades, chemotherapy and radiation were the only ways to treat cancer, but doctors have seen growing success recently with another treatment called immunotherapy.
Preeclampsia During Pregnancy Linked To Heart Disease Later In LifePreeclampsia can be a life-threatening condition for pregnant women and their unborn babies, but even after the immediate danger passes, it can still be a risk.