Pitt Teams With FDA To Develop Therapies, Technology To Help Those With Vision LossResearchers at the University of Pittsburgh are teaming up with the Food and Drug Administration to help those with vision loss.
COVID-19 In Pittsburgh: UPMC Has Immunized Over Half Its Employees Who Work With PatientsUPMC has immunized over half of its employees who work with patients with at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.
CDC: 59 Percent Of COVID-19 Infections Spread By People With No SymptomsMore than half of the cases of COVID-19 come from people with no symptoms.
Pharmacies Expect Doses Of Coronavirus Vaccine 'Any Day Now,' Pharmacists SayThe coronavirus vaccine could be coming to a pharmacy near you.
New, More Contagious COVID-19 Variant EmergesA coronavirus variant has emerged. It's called B.1.1.7.
Difficult Decisions Ahead For Hospitals And States As Coronavirus Cases Surge, ICUs FillAs COVID-19 infections surge and intensive care units fill, states and hospitals may have to make difficult decisions.
CDC's Coronavirus Vaccine Advisory Committee To Discuss Next Priority GroupHealth care workers and residents in care homes are already getting the coronavirus vaccine. But who comes next?
FDA Vaccine Advisory Committee Recommends Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine For Emergency Use AuthorizationThe FDA's vaccine advisory committee met in a daylong session to discuss Moderna's mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, just one week after Pfizer's vaccine received emergency use authorization.
Kids Unlikely To Get COVID-19 Vaccine By Next School YearNicole Acierno has a son in kindergarten. Austin has been at school at home since November.
FDA Advisory Panel To Consider Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine NextThe Moderna COVID-19 vaccine is next to come before the FDA for emergency use authorization.
COVID-19 In Pennsylvania: Doctor Explains How Vaccine WorksA local doctor explains the science behind the coronavirus vaccine.