UPMC Recommends 'Cautious' Reopening Of Long-Term Care Facilities After Recent StudyRecent studies from UPMC on vulnerable populations' response to COVID-19 vaccines have led to new insights on the fight against the pandemic.
European Regulators Determine Link Between AstraZeneca's COVID-19 Vaccine And Blood ClotsEuropean regulators have determined there is a link between AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine and clotting.
UPMC And Penguins Team Up For Johnson And Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine Drive-Up ClinicThe two-day clinic hopes to administer 12,000 doses of the single-shot Johnson and Johnson vaccine.
COVID-19 Testing Down In Pennsylvania As Cases Continue To ClimbThe state Department of Health has picked up on some worrisome COVID-19 trends.
Doctors Using Herpes Virus To Treat Patient With Melanoma TumorThe virus enters only the melanoma cells and kills them. It also releases immune system proteins to boost the body's fight against the cancer.
UPMC: Monoclonal Antibody Treatment Reduces Risk Of Hospitalizations, Deaths In COVID-19 Patients By 70%UPMC announced Friday that they are making headway with a developing COVID-19 treatment: monoclonal antibodies.
New Research Suggests Coronavirus Infection Rates Follow Pollen CountsResearchers have found COVID-19 infection rates and pollen counts can track together, too.
Pediatrician Says Benefits Of Summer Camp During Pandemic Outweigh RisksOutdoor activities and interacting with friends are some of the best parts of summer camp.
Pandemic Pounds: Research Shows People Gained Weight Under LockdownsFor some people, the pandemic has packed on the pounds.
People Reporting Crazy Dreams After Getting COVID-19 VaccineRichard Vetstein got both doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. He reported some side effects, including super vivid dreams.
CDC: 75% Of Americans Have High-Risk Factors For Severe COVID-19 Infections, Making Vaccine Prioritization DifficultPeople with certain pre-existing conditions, in addition to those over 65, fall into Pennsylvania's currently eligible 1A COVID vaccination group.