Emergency Departments Bustling With Heat-Related Illnesses As Temperatures ClimbSome local emergency departments are bustling with cases of dehydration and respiratory problems -- consequences of the heat.
Immunotherapy Being Studied As Possible Lung Cancer TreatmentA study is looking at whether immunotherapy would be helpful for the most common type of lung cancer - non-small cell lung cancer.
Weight-Loss Balloon Aims To Help Curb Global Obesity ProblemAn Allegheny County native has invented something he hopes will help battle a growing obesity epidemic around the world.
Researchers Find Polio Virus To Be Unexpected Ally In Fight Against Brain CancerAn unexpected ally has been discovered in the fight against brain cancer -- the polio virus, which is usually known for causing paralysis and death.
Groundbreaking Study Uses Brain's Own Patterns To Boost MemoryWhat if there was a way to boost memory based on your brain's own patterns? Researchers in North Carolina and California have found a way to do that.
Children's Hospital Researches Investigating Lyme Disease Spike In Pittsburgh-AreaIt used to be rare in this area, but now it is commonplace -- the tick-borne, bacterial infection Lyme disease.
Allegheny General Hospital Utilizing Robots To Assist With Brain SurgeryWould you really want a robot helping the surgeon who's operating on you?
New Research Suggests Drinking Before Surgery Can Help RecoveryTypical instructions before surgery had been nothing to eat or drink after midnight, but that may be changing.