'I Can Change What May Be In The Future': Woman With Alzheimer's Gives Update 1 Year After Experimental Procedure
WVU Doctors Hoping To Make Heart Health Testing Easier With MagnetocardiographyWith so many heart tests available, from EKGs to stress tests and nuclear studies and echocardiograms to heart MRIs, is there a smarter way to figure who needs which test?
Allegheny Co. Health Dept. Reports First Flu-Related Death This SeasonThe first flu-related death of the season has been reported in Allegheny County.
Doctors At West Virginia University Trying To Change How Addiction Is Treated By Using Deep Brain StimulationDoctors are testing to see if deep brain stimulation is an effective treatment for addiction.
Century-Old Tuberculosis Vaccine May Work Better If Given In New WayScientists think they’ve figured out how to make a century-old tuberculosis vaccine far more protective: Simply give the shot a different way.
New Devices And Advancements Being Used To Fight MigrainesSeveral new devices have been developed to help those that struggle with migraines and don't want to use medication.
Tuberculosis Found In Pittsburgh Public Schools: Doctors Warn How To Prevent SpreadingDespite being at historic lows, a case of tuberculosis was found at Arsenal Middle School in Pittsburgh Public Schools.
To Help Save Lives, Medical Professionals Use Life-Like Patient Simulator That Bleeds, Cries And SpeaksMedical professionals are taking advantage of a life-like pediatric simulator.
'Watching And Waiting' Trial Eliminates Surgery For Some Breast Cancer PatientsDoctors are working on a new way to treat breast cancer that does not include surgery, hoping it could be a better option for many patients.
Old Treatment For Parkinson's Disease Now Being Used For EpilepsyAn old treatment for Parkinson's disease is now giving epileptics a new option.
WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute Launches Life-Changing Treatment For Essential TremorsDon Wahl was so self-conscious, he wouldn't go out to eat. "I couldn't eat with my right hand. I couldn't drink with my right hand. Even on a big spoon, I would shake it all off, by the time I'd get it up there."