Rep. Mike Doyle Leads Committee To Take On Social Media Heavyweights Over MisinformationA local congressman led a group of his colleagues in a bipartisan attack on the chief executives of three major social media companies.
AP: Posts To Private Pittsburgh-Area Police Facebook Group Show Hostility, HateIn a private Facebook group called the Pittsburgh Area Police Breakroom, many current and retired officers spent the year criticizing chiefs that took a knee or officers who marched with Black Lives Matter protesters, who they called “terrorists” or “thugs.”
West Virginia News Publisher Files Antitrust Suit Against Google And FacebookA West Virginia news publisher has filed an antitrust suit against Google and Facebook.
Northeast US Hit With Widespread Internet OutagesInternet users in the northeast U.S. reported widespread outages Tuesday.
Study: Pennsylvanians Can't Stop Googling 'Should I Delete Facebook?'“Should I delete Facebook?” was the most Googled "Should I" question in Pennsylvania last year.
Pro-Trump Demonstration At Twitter Headquarters Appears To Be A Bust, Twitter Claims To Respect ‘People’s Right To Express Their Views’:A demonstration by supporters of President Donald Trump to protest his ban from the Twitter social media platform outside the company's San Francisco headquarters appeared to be a bust Monday morning.
W. Va. Attorney General Joins Multi-State Lawsuit Being Filed Against FacebookThe lawsuit claims that Facebook acquired competition through illegal and predatory manners and claims multiple violations of federal antitrust laws
'We Are Really At A Crisis Point For Our Democracy, Economy': Sally Hubbard On Big Tech Corporations & Book 'Monopolies Suck'Big corporations like Facebook, Amazon and Apple dominate our lives, but do they have our best intentions in mind? Sally Hubbard explains why monopolies are ruining our democracy and economy.
Study: More Than Half Of Americans Have Changed Social Media Habits During PandemicThe pandemic, politics, and race relations have increased tensions around the country and that has changed the usage of social media among Americans.
#ClassOf2020 Facebook Challenge Could Put You At Risk Of Identity Theft, Better Business Bureau SaysSocial media challenges are a growing trend to help pass the time at home, but the Better Business Bureau is telling people to stop doing them.
Coronavirus In Pittsburgh: Facebook Teams With Carnegie Mellon For Survey On SymptomsFacebook is teaming with Carnegie Mellon to gather symptom data on the coronavirus.