Ohio Announces Pandemic Aid, Governor Denounces Alleged Plot To Kidnap HimOhio officials are investigating after reports of an alleged plot to kidnap Governor Mike DeWine recently surfaced. The Governor also announced new federal grants for a variety of institutions and businesses.
Ohio Governor: Spiking Coronavirus Cases Endangering In-Person LearningGovernor Mike DeWine said that in-person learning for school-age children could be in danger with the recent spike in COVID cases.
DeWine: Trump Diagnosis ‘Powerful Reminder’ Of Coronavirus’ ReachThe Republican governor called President Donald Trump’s recent positive COVID-19 test a “powerful reminder” that anyone can contract the coronavirus.
Ohio Lawmaker Demands Criminal Charges Be Filed Against Governor Mike DeWine Over Coronavirus Health OrdersA lawmaker has taken his frustration over Ohio’s coronavirus public health orders to a new level by demanding criminal charges be filed against Gov. Mike DeWine.
Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine Urges Against Rush To Judgment Over Unmasked Woman’s ArrestPeople seeing images of a woman arrested at a middle school football game after refusing requests to put on a mask should not rush to judgment, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said.
Ohio Governor Allows Up To 6,000 Fans At Two Cleveland Browns And Cincinnati Bengals Games This SeasonGovernor Mike DeWine granted a variance for a "two-game trial" to allow the Browns and Bengals to have up to 6,000 fans at home games.
Ohio Governor Mike DeWine Delays Three Executions Amidst Drug ShortageGovernor DeWine delayed three death row inmates executions as the state struggles to find an adequate supply of drugs for lethal injection.
Gov. DeWine Says Ohio Schools Must Develop Coronavirus-Reporting SystemSchool districts must establish a system for collecting information on cases of the coronavirus and then make that information publicly available, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said in announcing an upcoming order.
Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine Allows High School Sports To ContinueAll Ohio high school sports can go forward this year, with an option for some fall sports like football to be delayed until the spring if schools wish, Gov. Mike DeWine.
Ohio Governor Mike DeWine's Conflicting Coronavirus Tests Raises BacklashAfter Ohio Governor Mike DeWine's positive and then negative COVID-19 test results have caused people to question testing and slow results.
Ohio Governor Warns People Against Seeing Coronavirus Tests As Unreliable After He Received A False PositiveOhio Gov. Mike DeWine on Sunday warned Americans against seeing coronavirus tests as unreliable days after he received a false positive result before a scheduled meeting with President Donald Trump.
Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine Again Tests Negative For CoronavirusOhio Governor Mike DeWine has again tested negative for COVID-19.
Coronavirus Antigen Tests Are Faster, But Leave Doubts About The ResultsOne test showed Ohio Governor Mike DeWine positive for coronavirus — another showed him negative.
Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine Tests Positive For CoronavirusOhio Gov. Mike DeWine has tested positive for coronavirus.
Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine Still Supports Nuclear Bailout Law Despite Bribery ScandalDespite five people, including the speaker of the Ohio House, being arrested for bribery and money laundering, Governor Mike DeWine still supports the nuclear bailout law.