Ash Eruption At Kilauea Summit Registered As 5.4 EarthquakeAn eruption at Kilauea summit jolted the area with the force of a 5.4 magnitude earthquake and hurled an ash plume that reached 10,000 feet above sea level.
Hawaii Volcano Destroys Hundreds Of Homes OvernightA Hawaii County spokeswoman says lava from the erupting Kilauea volcano destroyed hundreds of homes overnight.
Earthquake Hits Kilauea Summit, Sending Ash Plumes Up To 8,000 FeetA magnitude 5.5 earthquake shook the Kilauea summit, resulting in an ash plume that reached up to 8,000 feet, according to Hawaii County Civil Defense.
Boiling Point: Man Pulls Gun On Neighbor Amid Lava Flows In HawaiiLava from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano is spreading to new areas and residents are reaching their boiling point.
Hawaii Residents Urged To Evacuate Or Get Arrested As Lava Threatens HomesHawaii authorities have a message for residents in some areas affected by the Kilauea volcano: evacuate or get arrested.
Lava From Kilauea Volcano Has Destroyed More Than 70 HomesThe number of homes swallowed by lava flowing from fissures spawned by Hawaii's Kilauea volcano has jumped to 71, authorities said Tuesday.
USGS Warning: Do Not Try To Roast Marshmallows Over Erupting Hawaii VolcanoYou would think it would go without saying, but the U.S. Geological Survey took to Twitter on Tuesday to warn residents not to try and roast marshmallows over the erupting Hawaiian volcano.
More Hawaii Residents Told To Evacuate To Avoid Being Trapped By LavaA fast-moving lava flow is flowing through the Leilani Estates community in Hawaii, with Civil Defense warning residents to evacuate to avoid being isolated by the advancing molten rock.