Hey Ray! Creating A Cloud In A BottleKDKA Meteorologist Ray Petelin is back with another home science experiment, here to show you how to create a cloud in a bottle.
Hey Ray! The Science Behind Sea Breezes And Land BreezesWhen you go to the beach, you may notice in the afternoon, how the wind blows off the water toward the land.
Hey Ray! Boiling Water By Cooling The Air With Ice CubesFor this experiment, we are going to boil water. It doesn't sound exciting, but we are not going to make water boil the way you traditionally do, by heating it up.
Hey Ray! 'Supercooled' Water And How It Can Freeze Right Before Your EyesIf you ever left a bottle of water in a car or outside when temperatures were below freezing, you may have seen it turn from a liquid to ice almost instantly.
Hey Ray! How To Determine How Far Away A Thunderstorm Is From YouCan you really tell how far away a thunderstorm is by counting the seconds between the flash of lightning and the boom of thunder?
Hey Ray! How Pressure, Wind, And Moisture Help Create HailNow that it is officially spring, we are getting into the time of year that features thunderstorms.
Hey Ray! Powerful Pressure And Its ImportanceAtmospheric pressure is a major part of meteorology, and it is always around us.
Hey Ray! The Size Of The Moon And Optical IllusionsHave you ever looked at the moon, as it was rising above the horizon and thought "WOW! The moon looks HUGE", only to have it appear to shrink as it continued to rise into the night sky?
Hey Ray! How Proper Hand Washing Helps The Fight Against Bacteria And VirusesSoap is a valuable tool to not only remove dirt from your hands, but also bacteria and viruses.
Hey Ray! Performing A Card Trick Using 'Mathgic!'As a meteorologist, I use math to predict the behavior of many different ingredients in the atmosphere.
Hey Ray! It's Pi Day!What is pie?  Well, it is a baked good made with fruit or meat and vegetables with a pastry bottom, and usually a pastry top.