Hey Ray! Why Cars Become So Hot Inside During SummerWe all know that in the summer, our cars basically turn into ovens.
Hey Ray! Light Pollution's Impacts On LifeLast week, we talked about how light pollution makes it harder, if not impossible to see some amazing things in the night sky.
Hey Ray! Light Pollution's Impact On The SkyDuring the daytime, when you look to the sky you can't see stars, or sometimes planets that you can see at night.  While daylight is the obvious reason, at night we may not be able to see some of the good stuff because of different kind of light called light pollution.
Hey Ray! How To Use An Invisible Fire ExtinguisherThis is a fun experiment that is easy to do and requires very little set up. I like to call it the "Invisible Extinguisher," since it puts a candle out by using what seems to be an empty glass.
Hey Ray! How Broadcasting A TV Signal Worksor most of us, television has been around for most of our lives. A click of a remote, and information and entertainment appears before our eyes. A lot goes into making that seemingly easy thing happen, though.
Hey Ray! Playing Around With The Density EquationWe have done a lot of experiments and covered a lot of topics. This time, we are going to play around with density, and use its ingredients to make some weird science.
Hey Ray! Things You May Not Know About RainbowsOne of the most attention getting weather phenomena is the rainbow.
Hey Ray! Explaining The Differences Between Weather Watches And Weather WarningsSome of the most important weather terminology for safety is often the most confused weather terminology. Those terms are “watch” and “warning”.
Hey Ray! What Causes The Line At The Confluence Of The Three Rivers In PittsburghSometimes in science, things mix well, other things don't, and sometimes that mix takes time. That can be said for the Three Rivers, too.
Hey Ray! Explaining How Inertia WorksYou may have heard the scientific expression "An object at rest stays at rest."
Hey Ray! Using Pi to Properly Buy PizzaRemember that one time in math class when you said, "I am never going to use this in real life"?