Hey Ray! The Science Behind What Causes Bridges To Freeze FirstPittsburgh has a lot of bridges -- 446 of them! With bridges, there are additional things to be alert for in colder weather, such as ice.
Hey Ray! Are Robins Really A Sign Of Spring?Late in winter, people usually start looking for signs that spring is on the way. The most popular is Punxsutawney Phil. The groundhog isn't the only animal though.
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Hey Ray! The Things That Go Into Forecasting SnowfallThe hardest season to predict weather is winter, mainly because of snow.
Hey Ray! What Causes The Different Phases Of The MoonThe Moon is neat to watch because it has several different looks during its 27 day cycle. It sometimes looks like a fingernail. Other times it looks like half of a pie, and other times it is a bright, shiny disk in the sky.
Hey Ray! Why Are You Called A Meteorologist?Often, I get asked, "Why are you called a meteorologist when you study and predict weather, not meteors?"
Hey Ray! Understanding The Polar VortexThe term “polar vortex” may sound like a cold version of a “sharknado”, but unlike a sharknado, the polar vortex is a real, meteorological thing.
Hey Ray! The Shape Of The EarthStanding on Earth and looking out, the Earth looks flat from our very limited view. We know the Earth isn't flat, though. Did you know Earth isn't a perfect sphere either?
Hey Ray! Accurately Measuring Snowfall AmountsAfter a snowfall, we all like to brag about how much fell, so it is important to measure snow properly. While it sounds like an easy task, you must follow some rules.
Hey Ray! Winter Is ComingUnlike a certain popular television show, we know that winter is coming and exactly when it will get here.
Hey Ray: Christmas Star To Shine Brightly In The Evening SkyYou may have heard about the Christmas Star that will become visible in the December sky. What is it, how rare is it, and how do you see this "star"? Meteorologist Ray Petelin has the answers.