'There's No Money To Fix It:' Roads And Bridges In Need Of Repair In Limbo As Leaders Negotiate Infrastructure Plan In CongressAs Congress debates an infrastructure plan, what would its passage mean for the Pittsburgh area?
With Expanded And New Programs, Democrats Say Human Infrastructure Bill Will Rebuild American Middle ClassCongressional Democrats continue to debate how much to spend on President Joe Biden's human infrastructure bill.
City Of Pittsburgh Releases 50-Year Plan For TransportationThe City of Pittsburgh released a transportation plan for the next 50 years, and it includes several ambitious projects like gondolas and rapid direct transit to the airport.
Senate Moves Ahead On Bipartisan Infrastructure BillThe Senate has voted to take up consideration of a bipartisan multi-billion dollar infrastructure bill endorsed by President Biden.
Pennsylvania Transportation Funding Report Could Launch Years Of DebateA transportation funding commission is preparing to recommend how to raise billions more dollars in Pennsylvania for a 21st-century highway system, a report that will land at a politically touchy time and is expected to kick off a debate that could last years.
State Leaders Search For Ways To Fund Fixes To Pennsylvania’s Aging And Crumbling InfrastructureAfter a report came out saying Pennsylvania's roads and bridges rank towards the bottom of the country, we got some answers.
Senators Reach Tentative Bipartisan Plan On National InfrastructureDetails still need to be worked out, but a potential bipartisan plan on infrastructure has been reached by senators in Washington D.C.
'A State Of Disrepair': Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg Drops By Pittsburgh, Tours Bridges And More As Part Of Infrastructure PlanUnited States Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg is in Pittsburgh today.
'I'm Not A Roadblock At All:' West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin Pushes For Slimmed-Down Infrastructure BillAs Senator Manchin pushed for a slimmed-down infrastructure bill, he says he's not a roadblock to President Biden's agenda.
Bipartisan Compromise On Infrastructure Bill Seems More Elusive Than EverEven as President Biden signaled he was open to compromise over the American Jobs Plan, Republicans continue to state their opposition.
Pennsylvania's Infrastructure Gets C-Minus From White House ReportPresident Joe Biden wants Congress to know he’s sincere about cutting a deal on infrastructure, but Republican lawmakers have deep-seated doubts about the scope of his proposed package, its tax hikes and Biden’s premise that this is an inflection point for the U.S. as a world power.