Optimism On The Horizon As Vaccination Rates Continue, Herd Immunity No Longer A Distant HopeNow that Pennsylvania is open to vaccinating anyone age 16 and older, the idea of herd immunity is no longer a distant hope. But there is still a long way to go.
Gas Price Guidance: How To Time Your Fill-Ups To Save Money While TravelingWhether it's a spring break trip or a summer vacation, where you fill up your gas tank could make a big difference in your wallet.
Making Your Child Comfortable And Confident: Building A Strong Relationship As A ParentIt's a difficult line for parents to walk - how can you be relatable as a parent but also remain an authority figure?
Money In Parents' Pockets: American Rescue Plan Includes Child Tax Credit ExpansionWith the American Rescue Plan in place, an expansion of the child tax credit could bring parents a nice influx of cash.
Study: Parents Recognize Valuable Aspects Of Cyber Learning Despite Digital DivideThe past year has been tough on the education of our childen. Most schools were forced from their buildings and into cyber learning with no warning or planning.
A Guide To Breakfast: The Smart, Easy WayAre you an all-in person when it comes to breakfast, or a skipper?
'COVID Teeth:' Pennsylvania Dental Association Seeing Impact Of Pandemic On People's Oral HealthHas a year of Zoom meetings caused you to want to whiten your teeth? Over-the-counter treatments and whitening toothpaste might not be the answer.
Not-So-Rushed Hour: PennDOT Not Seeing Usual Morning Rush Hour TrafficEven as restrictions are eased and more people are returning to their jobs, traffic still has not returned to pre-pandemic levels.
Mass Shooting In Boulder Renews Debate Over Guns In America, Demand For Permits Rise LocallyEven prior to the shooting in Boulder, Allegheny County has seen a spike in demand for gun permits - so why is that?
How To Organize, Declutter Your HomeHow much stuff is tucked away around your home and you have no idea where it is or even what is there?
Keeping You And Your Pets Safe From Fleas And TicksIt is a never ending threat. In years past, this would be the start of the traditional tick and flea season, but that is no longer the case.