'There's No Money To Fix It:' Roads And Bridges In Need Of Repair In Limbo As Leaders Negotiate Infrastructure Plan In CongressAs Congress debates an infrastructure plan, what would its passage mean for the Pittsburgh area?
Shortage Of Truck Drivers A Leading Cause Behind Supply Chain IssuesIf you came across an empty shelf while shopping over the weekend, you came face to face with the supply chain issue. There is plenty of supply and plenty of demand, but the issue with getting things to consumers starts with a shortage of truck drivers.
The Much-Anticipated Southern Beltway Partially Opens To Traffic TodayPittsburgh's first major roadway in more than 30 years will partially open to traffic starting Friday afternoon.
Bees, Bites, Stings, And Mosquitos: What Is Causing This Influx In Buzzing?As we approach fall, shouldn't the bees and mosquitos be gone already? What's keeping them sticking around?
Survey Finds Bad Habits In Drivers Have Increased Over The Past YearA recent study has found that 1/3 of drivers have admitted to developing bad driving habits.
Doctors Worry Breast Cancer Screenings May Get Pushed Aside Due To COVID-19 Vaccine Side EffectsIn the midst of Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes news that has doctors concerned.
'An Uncontrollable Danger:' Pennsylvania Municipal League Calling On Legislature To Change Fireworks LawsThe Pennsylvania Municipal League is calling on the state legislature to change the 2017 law that allows for the purchase and use of fireworks.
Peeping The Leaves: Perfect Times And Places To Take In The Fall FoliageThis weekend is shaping up to be a great weekend for "leaf-peeping" so where can you find the best foliage in our area?
'They Will Annoy You:' Despite Posing No Harm, Stink Bugs Are Back And Causing A HeadacheWhile they don't pose a threat, they sure are annoying - that's right - stinkbugs. They're back and exterminators are getting a lot of calls.
Keeping Warm Before The Freeze: Making Sure Your Home Heating System Is Ready For WinterBefore the chill rolls in, you should make sure your home heating system is ready for the falling temperatures.
Wearing Sunglasses Daily Can Help Prevent Serious Eye-Related ComplicationsAs you head out today, even on an overcast day, don't forget your sunglasses.