South Butler School Board Authorizes More Testing For Lead In WaterWith classes starting in less than two weeks, the South Butler School District is still grappling with high levels of lead and copper in its water.
County Council Approves Lead Testing Requirement For ChildrenAllegheny County Council has approved legislation requiring all children to be tested for lead.
County Council To Vote On Bill Mandating Lead Testing For ChildrenAllegheny County Council is expected to vote on a measure requiring all children in the county to be tested for lead poisoning.
Allegheny Co. Council To Get First Look At Lead Testing For Children BillAllegheny County Council will get its first official look at new lead testing legislation today.
Allegheny Co. Executive Forms Lead Task ForceAllegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald announced that he has formed a Lead Task Force.
Health Department Approves Lead Testing Plan For Young KidsThe Allegheny County Health Department has unanimously voted to approve a plan that would require all children to have their blood tested for elevated levels of lead.
Allegheny County Board Of Health Discusses Mandatory Lead Testing ProposalShould children in Allegheny County have their lead levels tested? The county Board of Health met to discuss the issue Wednesday.
Allegheny County Proposal Suggests Required Lead Testing For Young ChildrenIt was a major problem that will forever be associated with Flint, Mich., and now local health officials are considering mandatory lead testing for young children.
Pittsburgh Public Schools Voluntarily Tests Water For Lead, Adds New FountainsSmall upgrades have taken place over the summer that could have a big impact on the health and safety of students in the Pittsburgh Public Schools District.
PWSA Lead Letter Causes Concerns, Customers Get Busy SignalsA letter from the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority warns of high levels of lead in the drinking water of some homes.
Pittsburgh Public Schools To Test For Lead In Water FountainsThere's no federal law that requires schools to test for lead; however, officials with Pittsburgh Public Schools have decided to do that in all 70 facilities starting Tuesday.