Westmoreland County Board Of Elections Catching Up On Mail-In BallotsThe Westmoreland County Board of Elections says it is making progress.
President Donald Trump Vows To Send Lawyers To Challenge Mail-In Votes In Pennsylvania After Election DayPresident Donald Trump says he will be challenging votes that come in after Tuesday night in Pennsylvania.
Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost Tweets Inaccurate Mail-In Voting DeadlineOhio’s attorney general tweeted erroneously Monday that voters had until Tuesday to mail their absentee ballots, when they actually needed to be mailed by Monday.
Fayette County District Attorney: 2 Voters Received Pre-Filled Mail-In BallotsA case of possible voter fraud is being investigated in Fayette County.
Late-Arriving Mail-In Ballots Count In Pennsylvania, For NowThe state's top election official said mail-in ballots received by counties in the presidential battleground state within three days after polls close will count, for now.
Pa. Election Officials Urge Voters To Drop Off Mail-In Ballots In Person Rather Than Use The MailWith six days until Election Day, Pennsylvania’s top elections official is urging voters who have a mail-in ballot to drop it off in person rather than mail it.
U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Pa. Republicans' Request To Block Extended Ballots Past Nov. 3The Supreme Court has rejected Republican requests to block extended ballots past Nov. 3 in Pennsylvania.
Butler County Elections Director Says Postal Service Lost Unknown Number Of Mail-In BallotsThe Butler County Bureau of Elections director says an unknown number of mail-in ballots were lost by the postal service.
Frustration Mounts For Beaver Co. Voters Waiting For Mail-In BallotsEight days before Election Day, some voters are still waiting for their ballot to arrive.
9 Days Before Election Day, Early Vote Total Has Exceeded 2016 Early Vote TotalWith nine days remaining until Election Day, the total of early votes cast in 2020 has exceeded the total of early votes cast in 2016.
Fayette County Voters To Be Notified Of 'Voter Declaration Mistakes' By Election OfficialsPeople voting by mail in Fayette County will be notified if they have made any voter declaration mistakes by election officials.