Some Parents Turning To Alternative Learning Options For Fall, Studio In Mars Opening As Mini-SchoolAs the new school year quickly approaches, parents are turning to alternate learning options to help themselves and their children this fall.
Adams Township Police Seek Footage In Alleged Attempted Child Abduction InvestigationAfter an alleged attempted child abduction in Butler County, police are asking residents with security cameras to help with the investigation.
'Ingenuity' Will Be The First Helicopter To Attempt Flight On MarsIngenuity will be the first helicopter to attempt flight on another planet when NASA's Perseverance rover launches at the end of the month.
House Fire In Butler Sends One Person To The HospitalOne person was taken to the hospital after a fire in Butler County overnight.
Church Leaders Ask Mars Community Members To Come Together To Pray For An End To Racial InjusticeRacial injustice was the theme of a prayer vigil hosted by local church leaders in the town of Mars on Wednesday.
Look Up! Four Planets & The International Space Station Visible On Thursday In PittsburghAfter cloudy days in Pittsburgh clear skies are coming and with them is a chance to see four planets above our city, all you have to do is look up!
NASA's Curiosity Rover Catches Eerie Picture Of Mars HorizonThe Curiosity Rover is still exploring the Red Planet and recently captured an eerie photo of a dried-up lake with a mountain in the center.
Local Trick-Or-Treaters Brave The Elements In Communities That Did Not Postpone Halloween FestivitiesThe wettest Halloween since 1899 did not scare off all the local trick-or-treaters.
Former NASA Scientist Says They Found Life On Mars In The 1970sWe may have already discovered the essence of life on Mars 40 years ago
Rover Finds Evidence Of Mars' Ancient Salty LakesSince it landed on Mars in 2012 NASA's Curiosity rover has been exploring Gale Crater.
NASA's InSight Mission Tunes In To Strange Sounds On MarsMars is full of subtle sounds and thanks to NASA's InSight mission, we're finally able to hear them.