Epic Prank: College Students Create Poster Of Themselves And Hang It In Texas McDonald'sThe pair noticed there wasn't as much diversity as they would like on the walls at the restaurant in Pearland so they decided to create their own poster.
‘Parasite Outbreak’ Linked To McDonald’s SaladsThe CDC says more than 500 people in 16 states have been sickened and McDonald’s salads are the likely culprit.
McDonald's Apologizes For Serving Pregnant Woman Cleaning Fluid In LatteMcDonald’s is apologizing for a dangerous mistake after serving cleaning solution to a woman who ordered a latte.
McDonald's Giving Away 'MacCoins' In Honor Of Big Mac's 50th AnniversaryTo celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Big Mac, McDonald's is giving away "MacCoins" that can be redeemed later for a free burger.
Man Sues McDonald's, Claims Soda Was Spiked With Heroin SubstituteA Utah man is suing McDonald's alleging that an employee spiked his Diet Coke with a heroin substitute.
How To Get Free McDonald's Fries Every Friday This YearYou need to first download the McDonald's app and register to be able to get the free offer.
Mayor Unveils New Youth Summer Job Program By Working At McDonald's Drive-ThruMayor Bill Peduto worked at a local McDonald's drive-thru today to promote a new program that aims to help young people find summer jobs.
More Than 100 People Fall Ill From Parasite Possibly Linked To Salads At McDonald'sThe Illinois and Iowa health departments are investigating outbreaks of a parasite that causes intestinal illness and might be linked to McDonald's salads, both states said Thursday.
McDonald's Expects To Hire 10,000 Employees Across Pennsylvania This SummerIf you're looking for a summertime job, McDonald's is gearing up to hire thousands of employees across Pennsylvania for the season.
Double Take: McDonald’s Turns Arches Upside Down To Make StatementIt’s not a bizarre prank, and it’s not a mistake, some McDonald’s locations are reportedly flipping their golden arches upside down.
McDonald's Getting Rid Of Happy Meal CheeseburgersMcDonald's is banishing cheeseburgers and chocolate milk from its Happy Meal menu in an effort to cut down on the calories, sodium, saturated fat and sugar kids consume at its restaurants.
Teen Walks Off Job After McDonald's Manager Allegedly Uses Slur To Describe SistersA teenager walked off the job in Monaca after he says his boss used a "slur" to describe his little sisters.
McDonald's To Sell A McVegan Burger In EuropeMcDonald's plans to start selling a McVegan burger in hundreds of restaurants across Sweden and Finland starting on Dec. 28.
Drive-Thru-Window Becomes Squeeze-Thru For Fast Food BanditA McDonald's drive-thru window became a squeeze-thru window for a woman who apparently needed a fast food fix.
McDonald's Beats Primanti's For Pittsburgh's Most-Ordered SandwichEveryone knows Pittsburghers love Primanti Brothers, but it turns out, they love McDonald's just a little more.