Gov. Tom Wolf Renews Calls For Minimum Wage IncreaseGov. Tom Wolf is renewing his call to raise the minimum wage.
Lawmakers In Harrisburg Believe There is No Labor Shortage, Just Workers Who Want To Be Paid MoreThe lack of workers for businesses is a growing issue across our region.
Democratic State Officials Say There Is No Labor Shortage But Wages Need To Be RaisedState Senator Jay Costa from Allegheny County joined other state officials to discuss what they called the "labor shortage myth."
Businesses Hiking Wages In Hopes Of Attracting Hospitality Workers To Empty PositionsIt's becoming increasingly more difficult to find hospitality workers to fill the open jobs.
Klavon's Ice Cream Parlor Raises Minimum Wage To $15Klavon's Ice Cream Parlor announced that it is raising its minimum wage to $15 this week.
GOP-Sponsored Bill Would Raise Pennsylvania's Minimum Wage To $10 An HourA state senator from Erie says the minimum wage should be increased to $10 dollars an hour.
Wolf Administration Doubles Down On Plan To Raise Minimum Wage For First Time Since 2009This proposal from Governor Tom Wolf would increase the minimum wage to $12 at first.
Costco Raises Minimum Wage To $16 An HourCostco will raise its starting rate for hourly store workers in the United States to $16 an hour, putting its starting wage above rivals such as Amazon, Target and Best Buy.
Gov. Tom Wolf Pushes For Raising Minimum Wage To $15 An HourGov. Tom Wolf laid out a path Tuesday to raise minimum wage in Pennsylvania to $15 an hour.
Gov. Tom Wolf Lays Out 2021 AgendaFacing a deep, pandemic-inflicted budget deficit, Gov. Tom Wolf will ask lawmakers for a multibillion-dollar investment into workforce development and employment assistance to help Pennsylvania recover, his office said Thursday as the governor outlined his 2021 agenda priorities.
Hobby Lobby Raising Full-Time Minimum Wage To $17 Per HourHobby Lobby announced it will be raising its minimum hourly wage for full-time employees to $17.