NASA: An Asteroid Will Come Close To Earth Right Before Election DayAs if 2020 hadn't already thrown enough at us, NASA says an asteroid will come close to Earth on November 2.
'Ingenuity' Will Be The First Helicopter To Attempt Flight On MarsIngenuity will be the first helicopter to attempt flight on another planet when NASA's Perseverance rover launches at the end of the month.
'A Pretty Neat Way To Wake Up On Father's Day:' Astronauts Watch Solar Eclipse From SpaceFor some dads this Father's Day, they celebrated in an "out of this world" kind of way.
NASA Awards Pittsburgh Space Delivery Company Nearly $200M Contract To Help Search For Water On The MoonNASA has awarded a nearly $200 million contract to a local Pittsburgh company that hopes soon to be making deliveries to the moon.
'Flower Moon': May's Full Moon Is The Final Supermoon Of The YearThe final supermoon of the year will occur during May's full moon.
Ex-NASA Administrator And Pittsburgh Native James Beggs Dies At Age 94James Beggs, a Pittsburgh native, and ex-NASA administrator has died at age 94.
Adidas Launches Footwear Research Into Space So It Can Make Better SneakersAdidas is one of the latest companies to send materials to the International Space Station in the name of science. Or, in this particular case, more comfortable footwear.
Study: Lettuce Grown In Outer Space Safe To Eat & DeliciousAstronauts on the International Space Station experimented with growing veggies in space and they've finally found a way.
NASA: Asteroid 'Large Enough To Cause Global Effects' Will Fly By Earth Next MonthAn asteroid estimated to be between 1.1 and 2.5 miles wide will fly by Earth next month.
Katherine Johnson, Famed NASA Mathematician And Inspiration For The Film 'Hidden Figures,' Is Dead At 101Katherine Johnson, a pioneering NASA mathematician whose work inspired the film "Hidden Figures," died this week
Annie Glenn, Widow Of Astronaut John Glenn, Turning 100A spokesman for the Glenn Family said that prior to Annie's 100th birthday on Monday is doing fine and they are appreciative of the affection.