A Rare Full Moon Will Light Up Friday The 13thThis Friday the 13th, a cratered Jack-O-Lantern will light up the sky.
NASA Remixes An Ariana Grande Song To Promote Their Mission Of Putting a Woman On The MoonNASA relied on a little star power to further promote their mission of putting a woman on the moon.
Local Astronaut Takes Terrible Towel To International Space StationNo matter where Pittsburghers go, the Terrible Towel follows and that even includes space.
NASA Has Named A Mars Rock After The Rolling StonesThe Rolling Stones have received just about every earthly honor in their legendary career, and now they are making rock history on Mars.
Study: Exoplanets Could Have Better Conditions For Life Than EarthEarth seems like the perfect hub for life because it's the only planet known so far to host it.
NASA Spacecraft Will Investigate Jupiter's Icy Moon For Signs Of LifeNASA's Europa Clipper mission is entering its final design stage before construction and testing of the spacecraft and the scientific instruments it will carry to Jupiter's icy moon Europa.
NASA Satellite Discovers Potentially Habitable Super-EarthAfter completing its first year of observations in the southern sky, NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite has spotted some intriguing new exoplanets only 31 light-years away from Earth.
See Saturn's Rings As It Begins Its Closest Pass By EarthThe rings of Saturn are shining bright this month.
Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Special To Air On CBSThe 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 will be honored with a brand new special coming to CBS.
The Future Of Space: Private-Public Partnerships Eye Next Moon LandingThe Apollo program, which first took man to the moon, took a tremendous amount of resources. Now, public-private partnerships are helping move closer to the next moon landing.
NASA Renames W. Va. Facility In Honor Of Human 'Computer'A NASA facility in West Virginia has been renamed in honor of a native of the state whose calculations helped put men on the moon 50 years ago.