NASA Teams With Astrobotic To Develop Sensors To Help Spacecraft And SatellitesNASA has partnered with Astrobotic to develop 3D models of space that will help with future space exploration missions.
Centennial Of Ex-Astronaut, U.S. Senator John Glenn Celebrated In OhioThe John Glenn Centennial Celebration was held in Ohio over the weekend.
Astrobotic's MoonRanger Moves Into Final Phase Of ProductionAstrobotic's MoonRanger is moving into its final phase of production before it's sent to the moon in 2022.
Astrobotic Earns $100,000 Prize In The NASA Watts On The Moon ChallengePittsburgh-based Astrobotic won a $100,000 grand prize in the NASA “Watts on the Moon” Challenge.
NASA Rocket Launch Should Be Visible Along East Coast Wednesday NightHey what’s that thing in the sky? A bird, a plane? Nope that’s a rocket!
Astrobotic Selects SpaceX Rocket To Carry Its Griffin Lunar Lander To Moon In Search Of WaterPittsburgh-based Astrobotic has chosen SpaceX's Falcon Heavy Rocket to launch its lunar lander to the moon.
NASA's Ingenuity Helicopter's First Flight On Mars DelayedThe NASA Ingenuity helicopter's first flight on Mars has been delayed until at least April 14.
Make Your Own NASA Mars Helicopter Ahead Of Historic Flight AttemptHave you ever wanted to make your own NASA helicopter?
Pitt Chemistry Professor Helping With NASA Perseverance Rover’s Search For Life On MarsA University of Pittsburgh professor is playing an integral role in NASA and the Perseverance Rover’s search for life on Mars.
Pittsburgh Native Among Astronauts Training For NASA's Artemis Moon Landing ProgramWarren Hoburg, a Pittsburgh native, is one of 18 astronauts that will train as part of NASA's Artemis moon-landing program.
NASA Needs Your Help Finding New Planets!NASA is asking for your help finding new planets!