NASA Has Found Sugar In Meteorites That Crashed To Earth, Shows Signs Of LifeMeteorites that crashed into Earth billions of years ago contain sugars, researchers say, lending support to the idea that asteroids may hold some of the ingredients to life.
NASA's Curiosity Rover Catches Eerie Picture Of Mars HorizonThe Curiosity Rover is still exploring the Red Planet and recently captured an eerie photo of a dried-up lake with a mountain in the center.
NASA Posts Photo Of Sun Looking Like Giant Flaming Jack-O'-LanternIf you thought the super blood wolf moon was scary, you haven't seen what the sun is capable of.
Astronomers Discover 'Cosmic Yeti' Galaxy From Early UniverseThe researchers likened it to coming upon a set of footprints belonging to a mythical monster, like the Yeti.
After Historic All-Female Spacewalk, Jessica Meir Has Dreams Of Going To The MoonShe was part of the first all-female spacewalk, now Jessica Meir has her sights set on going to the moon.
Former NASA Scientist Says They Found Life On Mars In The 1970sWe may have already discovered the essence of life on Mars 40 years ago
You Can Help Name The 20 New Moons Found Around SaturnThe discovery of 20 previously unknown moons around Saturn has helped the ring planet surpass all others in our solar system, according to the International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Center
What Created The 'Ghost Particle" That Traveled 3.8 Billion Light-Years To Reach Earth?In the summer of 2018, scientists found a "ghost particle" in Antarctica now they're learning where it came from and how it got here.
NASA's InSight Mission Tunes In To Strange Sounds On MarsMars is full of subtle sounds and thanks to NASA's InSight mission, we're finally able to hear them.
Expect More Interstellar Object Sightings In Our Solar SystemAstronomers have spotted two interstellar objects to our solar system in the last two years, and that's just the beginning.
This Is Your Last Chance To Send Your Name To MarsIf you want your boarding pass to Mars, act quickly