Pittsburgh Public Schools Still Waiting For One-Third Of The Computers It OrderedFor Pittsburgh Public School students and their families, more delays means more adjustments.
BC3 Announces Flexible Plans For The Return To Classes This FallButler County Community College says it's preparing for a flexible fall semester in response to the coronavirus pandemic.
Survey: Most Students Want To Return To The ClassroomA study from a Pittsburgh-based company found that most high school and college students want to return to the classroom in the fall.
'I Have Many Other Talents': Education Non-Profit Challenges Kids To Appreciate What They've Learned During Coronavirus PandemicKids are resilient, and while school at home is not always easy, it’s also allowed kids to learn things they might otherwise not have had time to do.
With Future Of Schools Uncertain, Pittsburgh Public Schools Plans To Have Laptops For All Its Students Come FallPittsburgh Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Anthony Hamlet says he expects remote learning to continue into the fall.
'I Would Encourage Parents To Think The Same Way': Pa. Secretary Of Education Says There Is 'Uncertainty' About Whether Schools Reopen In The FallA Pennsylvania official says the department of education is preparing for the worst come fall, and parents should do the same.
'Providing Access To Computers To Marginalized Students Is A Game Changer', PPS Supt. Says As District Works To Get Technology To StudentsThe 23,000 students in Pittsburgh Public Schools are all doing remote learning for the first time this week, but about half of them don’t have access to a computer at home.
'It Is A Herculean Task': Online Classes Start Up For All Pittsburgh Public Schools Students Amid Coronavirus OutbreakAll Pittsburgh Public School students started classes from home today, other than the seniors who started last week.
Coronavirus Cancellation: CMU Moves In-Person Summer Classes Online Due To Uncertainty Of Coronavirus OutbreakCMU is moving its in-person and on-campus summer classes online due to the uncertainty of the coronavirus outbreak.
Coronavirus In Pittsburgh: PPS Teachers Are Preparing For Online Classes, But 41 Percent Of Families Don't Have Adequate Access To TechnologyAbout 1,700 Pittsburgh Public Schools teachers are training to start teaching thousands of students at home.
Peyton Manning Crashes Online College Class"It's been at least since 1996 or '97 since I've been in a class," the former NFL QB said when he popped up on Zoom.