City Council Sends Marcellus Shale Drilling Bill To Planning CommissionA Pittsburgh City Councilman says he wants to see Marcellus Shale drilling within city limits. City Council discussed the bill proposed by Councilman Patrick Dowd which would allow some drilling in the city, but with strict guidelines.
City Councilman Introduces Bill To Allow Limited Marcellus Shale DrillingPittsburgh City Council will soon look at new legislation aimed at regulating gas drilling in the city, and once again, the political debate will be intense.
City Councilman Blocks Tax Break ExtensionPittsburgh City Councilman Patrick Dowd has put a temporary hold on the extension of several tax incentives used to encourage the development of residential and commercial property in the city.
Ambitious Plan Proposed To Fix Washington BoulevardWashington Boulevard is a bowl or a basin and unsuspecting motorists were tragically trapped when it suddenly filled up August 19, 2011.
Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority Votes To Raise Water RatesEvery time you turn on that shower or flush that toilet bowl, the dollars start adding up. By a 5-to-1 vote, the Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority raised its water rates by five percent. It’s the third year in a row for a rate hike.
PWSA Employees Asked To Prove City ResidencyA letter was sent out last week to more than 200 Pittsburgh Water and Sewer employees. All of them were asked to prove they live in the city, told to provide mortgage payment booklets, gas, electric and phone bills.
Tuesday To Be 'Milk Truck Day' In Pittsburgh
City Council Wants Details On Storm Water ManagementPittsburgh City Council calls for post agenda session with the administration on storm water management in light of the Washington Boulevard tragedy.
Library Initiative Gets Enough Signatures, To Go On BallotThe Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is in need of some serious financial support. Several local groups have been working to generate funding for quite some time; and today, supporters presented a petition to City Council.
City Officials Play Blame Game Over Parking MetersIt's a lot more expensive to park in the city of Pittsburgh, but it's also a lot more inconvenient unless you carry around a roll of quarters. Is the public paying the price for a war between the mayor and council?
Pittsburgh City Council's "Noise Line"The City Council Noise Task Force has created a “Noise Line” in order to gather input from Pittsburgh residents about noise issues around the city.