Pennsylvania Court Again Backs Limits On Abortion CoveragePlanned Parenthood and other operators of abortion clinics lost in court on Friday in their bid to reverse a decades-old Pennsylvania court decision upholding limits on the use of state Medicaid dollars to cover the cost of abortions.
Candidates File For Pa. Supreme Court OpeningSeveral candidates have filed petitions to appear on the primary ballot for the Pa. Supreme Court vacancy.
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Chief Justice Outlines Plans To Step DownThe chief justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court said Monday he will relinquish that title to a colleague in a few months but stay on the court until his full retirement at year’s end.
U.S. Supreme Court Denies Appeal On Ballots From Pennsylvania RepublicansThe Supreme Court denied an appeal from Republicans challenging a decision that allowed ballots received up to three days after Election Day to be counted to accommodate challenges by the coronavirus pandemic.
Constitutional Amendment To Change The Way Voters Elect Statewide Judges Splits Some RepublicansA proposed Constitutional amendment to change the way Pennsylvania elects state judges may be on the spring ballot, if some Republican lawmakers get their way.
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules Mt. Washington Billboard Is LegalThe billboard battle on Mount Washington is over.
Court Decision Pushed To Tuesday In Brewster-Ziccarelli Senate FightA federal judge expected to rule on a lawsuit over the 45th District Senate seat Monday will now release his opinion by noon Tuesday.
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Alters Police Rules For Warrantless Vehicle SearchesPolice must have probable cause as well as “exigent circumstances” in order to legally search a vehicle without a warrant, a divided Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled Tuesday.
President Donald Trump Wants Supreme Court To Overturn Pennsylvania Election ResultsPresident Trump has filed a petition that seeks to overturn the election results in Pennsylvania.
As Bill Cosby's Sex Assault Conviction Appeal Goes Before Pa. Supreme Court, Defense Attorneys Say Ruling Could Affect ManyPennsylvania's highest court questioned whether Bill Cosby's alleged history of intoxicating and sexually assaulting young women amounted to a signature crime pattern, given studies that show as many as half of all sexual assaults involve drugs or alcohol.
Rep. Mike Kelly And Sean Parnell To Appeal Pa. Supreme Court Loss Over Mail-In Ballots To SCOTUSRep. Mike Kelly and GOP candidate Sean Parnell are asking the Supreme Court of the United States to hold a hearing on their appeal claiming Act 72 was unconstitutional.