Gov. Tom Wolf Warns Pennsylvania Residents Of Contact Tracing ScamsScammers are calling Pennsylvanians posing as contact tracers and asking for personal information.
Woman Loses Thousands Of Dollars In ScamAn imposter called a woman and claimed to be her grandson needing bail money.
McCandless Police Department Warning Residents Of Phone ScamPolice are warning residents of a phone scam in which a man is claiming to be a sergeant and telling people a warrant is out for their arrest.
Duquesne Light Warning Customers Of Telemarketing ScamDuquesne Light is warning residential customers of a telemarketing scam.
Allegheny Co. Sheriff's Office Warning Public Of Phone ScamThe Allegheny County Sheriff's Office is warning the public about an ongoing phone scam taking place.
Allegheny County Sheriffs Warn Of Suspicious Phone CallAllegheny County Sheriffs are warning residents of a suspicious phone call claiming to be a sergeant in their office.
Phone Scammers Targeting Local Restaurants During Busy HoursIt's the timing of a scam that's making it effective against local restaurant owners.
Local Police Warn Of Phone Scammers Pretending To Be Duquesne LightLocal police are warning residents to be careful of scammers calling and pretending to be Duquesne Light.
Fayette County Sheriff's Department Warns Residents Of Phone Scam Alleging They Owe MoneyThe Fayette County Sheriff's Department is warning residents of a phone scam that is telling people they are being held in contempt and owe money.
Police Issue Warning About Latest Phone Scam In Indiana BoroughIndiana Borough Police are warning about the latest phone scam that's making the rounds.
'We Have No Such Warrant': Shaler Police Warn Residents Of Phone ScamIf you receive a call saying there is a warrant for your arrest, it may be a scam.