Woman Faces Retrial On Charges Of Poisoning Son's GirlfriendAn elderly Pennsylvania woman is facing a retrial next year on charges that she poisoned her son's girlfriend with antifreeze, leaving her near death.
New Carnegie Museum Exhibit Examines 'The Power Of Poison' Through HistoryPoison has played a role in fact and fiction for thousands of years.
Police: Man Threatened Mom Over 'Poison' PorkA western Pennsylvania man has been jailed on charges he threatened his mother with a 10-inch kitchen knife because he believed she was trying to "poison" him with pork in violation of his Muslim beliefs.
Spray Bottle Household Cleaning Products Can Spell Trouble For Young ChildrenHousehold cleaning products may seem just like bottles under the sink to you; but for kids, the bright colors and unique shapes can be very alluring, and that can lead to trouble.
Humane Officers Investigating Source Of Sickened McKeesport DogsPeople in one local town are terrified that they're about to lose their dogs. Several dogs have fallen ill and while their owners fear they were poisoned, there may be a common household item that experts said is dangerous to your dog.
Sick Dogs Have Pet Owners Concerned In McKeesportPet owners in one McKeesport community say they are concerned that someone may be poisoning dogs in their neighborhood.
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Pitcairn Dog Poisonings Under InvestigationPolice in Pitcairn are investigating a rash of canine poisonings in a neighborhood which have left at least four dogs dead and two others recovering from the effects of ingesting poison.