Kids Attempt To Set World Record For Coldest Hockey Game Ever PlayedAbout 20 kids in Minnesota got up early Thursday to take advantage of the polar vortex and attempt to break the world record for the coldest hockey game ever played.
Dog Tossed Into Dumpster After It Froze To Death, Officials SayA dog was thrown into a dumpster after it apparently froze to death overnight in frigid temperatures, authorities in Indianapolis said Wednesday.
Port Authority: Outdoor ConnectCard Machines Offline Due To Cold WeatherThe extreme cold is starting to cause problems for the Port Authority.
Officials Preparing For Brutally Cold Weather, Opening Warming Shelters Across AreaState and local officials are preparing in a number of different ways for the bitterly cold temperatures that are moving into Pennsylvania.
Pittsburgh Will Be As Cold As Mount Everest, Siberia, Even The South Pole This WeekTemperatures this week will fall to levels the Pittsburgh area hasn't seen in years.
Warmer In Parts Of The Arctic: Polar Vortex Ushering In Dangerous Chill, How To Prep For The ColdThe coldest weather we’ve seen in decades is heading into Pittsburgh.
Pittsburgh Weather: Rain Turns To Snow Before Polar Vortex Expected To Freeze AreaSome nice sunshine for Sunday gives way to clear and cold conditions in the evening before the week takes a turn.
Polar Vortex Could Unleash Harshest Winter In YearsIf you think it's cold now, brace yourself.
Polar Vortex Returns This Week, Some Snow PossibleTwo mild days are in store for the Pittsburgh area, before a big change takes place at mid-week.
Cold Front To Bring Abrupt End To Mild TemperaturesIt’s been a pretty mild fall so far, but the cold weather looks like it will settle in this week.
Chief Meteorologist Jeff Verszyla’s 2014-15 Winter Weather ForecastKDKA-TV Chief Meteorologist Jeff Verszyla’s effort to determine the mood of Old Man Winter this year started with a scientific summit to discuss some of global patterns, which will influence the type of season ahead.