18 Vehicles Damaged By Massive, Nightmare PotholeMore than a dozen drivers were left stranded with at least one flat tire when they hit the same massive pothole at the peak of Monday evening's rush hour.
Ohio Aims To Use Rainy Day Fund To Fix PotholesOhio's Senate minority leader is pushing a bill that would immediately give $30 million to communities to fill rim-rattling potholes.
PennDOT Crews, Motorists Dealing With Challenging Pothole SeasonMotorists and PennDOT crews are dealing with a particularly bad season for potholes.
Rain Delays City’s Pothole BlitzPothole stories are getting like fish stories. Everyone you talk to can tell you about the whopper they just missed, just hit or just swerved to get around.
Pittsburgh Public Works To Conduct Pothole Blitz This WeekCrews from Pittsburgh Public Works will start a pothole blitz Tuesday.
Mayor Peduto Commits To Paving, Urges PatienceIt's hard to imagine a street in peacetime worse than Brookline Boulevard. The potholes are so deep and so many that Denise Breisinger sprained her ankle in one just crossing the street.
City's Pothole Problems Could Take Years To Fix The steamrollers are finally rolling in East Liberty, signally the start of paving season.
Rare, But Possible To Get City To Pay For Pothole Damage To Your VehiclePotholes -- they're everywhere these days. But getting the government to pay for damage to your car is about as likely as you driving through all the craters on the moon.
“Batman” Filming Moves Back DowntownIt’s lights, camera, action once again in downtown Pittsburgh today as filming on “The Dark Knight Rises” continues.