Pennsylvania Resources Council Launches 2015 Anti-Litter Commercial ContestThe PRC is fighting back against litter with a 2015 Commercial Contest.
Pennsylvania Resources Council Announces 2015 Collection EventsDo you have any old electronics or chemicals laying around that you don't know how to get rid of?
Pennsylvania Resources Council Announces 2015 Schedule Of “Hard To Recycle” CollectionsOn Saturday, April 11, the Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC) will host the first of six “hard-to-recycle” collection events in 2015 to enable individuals to drop off e-waste/computers, cell phones, CFLs, microwave ovens and polystyrene packaging material (EPS) at no cost.
PRC Staff Volunteers “Dumpster Dive” To Gather Data For CompostingThough they may appear to be "dumpster diving," Nick Shorr and Ross Hirshfeld are actually sorting through trash to find information for the Pennsylvania Resources Council.
Local Doctor Stresses Importance Of Utilizing Drug Take Back DayYou probably have an old prescription or two lying around that you need to get rid of, so how can you get dispose of them properly?
PRC Receives 2014 Governor’s Award For Environmental ExcellenceThe PRC will receive a very prestigious award on April 22 from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for environmental excellence.
Cans for Pets Adds A Sixth Drop-Off LocationGo Green and help support local animal shelters by recycling your pet food cans!
Get Rid Of Hazardous Liquids On Chemical Collection Day If you have containers of chemicals that can't be thrown in the trash or require special disposal, Chemical Collection Day lets you get rid of them.
CANtest Promotes Aluminum Can Recycling In Unique Way Students showed their creativity and used aluminum cans to help support recycling efforts.
PRC Reaches “Cans For Pets” Campaign MilestoneThe Pennsylvania Resources Council has reached a milestone in its "Cans for Pets" campaign.
“CANS FOR PETS” Campaign supports Green Efforts and Homeless Pets6,500 aluminum cans were recycled during first 10 weeks of Western Pennsylvania campaign.