President-Elect Joe Biden Set To Arrive In Washington, D.C. Ahead Of Inauguration DayAs the hours tick down until Joe Biden becomes the 46th President of the United States, his long list of inauguration events will get underway Tuesday.
Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald To Bring Security Detail To President-Elect Joe Biden’s InaugurationPittsburgh will be represented at the inauguration of Joe Biden.
President-Elect Joe Biden Introduces 'American Rescue' COVID-19 Relief PlanPresident-Elect Joe Biden introduced his $1.9 trillion "American Rescue" plan to help those struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
FBI, Other Law Enforcement Agencies Staying Alert In Pittsburgh Ahead Of Inauguration DayThe FBI and other law enforcement agencies are staying alert ahead of possible protests on Inauguration Day.
'It's All Political Theater:' Constitutional Scholar And Presidential Historian Says Contesting Election Process Is Nothing NewAs some members of Congress raise objections to the election of Joe Biden, one historian says it's nothing new and just political theater.
Pa. Senator Pat Toomey Speaks Out Against Republican Senators Seeking To Oppose Certification Of Election ResultsPa. Senator Pat Toomey decried the efforts by some Republicans to oppose the certifying of the presidential election results.
President Donald Trump Wants Supreme Court To Overturn Pennsylvania Election ResultsPresident Trump has filed a petition that seeks to overturn the election results in Pennsylvania.
Hunter Biden The Focus Of Federal Investigation In Pittsburgh Involving U.S. Attorney Scott Brady And FBIFor the past 12 months, Hunter Biden has been the focus of a federal investigation in Pittsburgh.
Pa. Senator Pat Toomey Calls It 'Wildly Inappropriate' For Republicans To Obstruct Joe Biden's WinU.S. Sen. Pat Toomey says it's time for Republicans to stop trying to obstruct the election of Joe Biden as president.
Pa. Electors To Meet In Harrisburg To Officially Cast Ballots For Presidential Election, Confirming Joe Biden As 46th President-Elect Of The United StatesAfter a record-setting Election Day, today, state electors will gather to fulfill their U.S. Constitutional duty.
Electoral College Voters Set To Meet To Cast Ballots, Beginning Process Of Presidential Election Results Becoming Official With just one day away from the Electoral College meeting to make President-elect Joe Biden's win official, 538 electors are set to meet at state houses across the country cast their votes.