Allegheny County Treasurer Extends Tax Discount PeriodAllegheny County Treasurer John K. Weinstein announced today an extension of the tax discount period until Monday, April 1.
Tax Officials Say Century III Mall Owes Thousands In Property TaxesTax collectors say Century III Mall owes hundreds of thousands in property taxes from last year.
KDKA Investigates: City Property Tax Policy - One Hand Giveth, The Other Taketh AwayLocal home buyers are being lured in with the great offer of a tax break, but then it's suddenly taken away and turned into a tax bill.
Get Marty: Good-Willed Stranger Helps Woman Pay Her Property TaxesA total stranger has come through for a woman who was prepared to sell everything she owned just to keep her Penn Hills home.
Some Homeowners Being Turned Away From Trying To Pay Taxes EarlyIt's normal for people to wait until the last minute to pay a bill, but after President Trump recently changed the tax laws, some homeowners are now scrambling to pay their property taxes early.
Mundy Defeats Woodruff In State Supreme Court Race; Voters Approve Property Tax AmendmentPennsylvania voters are giving their approval to a constitutional amendment that could eventually lead to property tax cuts.
Property Tax Amendment Up For Vote, But It Comes With A CatchVoters who do show up to the polls on Tuesday will have an opportunity to vote on amending the state Constitution to open the door to eliminating property taxes in Pennsylvania.
Time Running Out To Get Discount On Allegheny County Property TaxThe deadline is almost here to get a discount on your 2016 Allegheny County property taxes.
Mt. Lebanon Considers Shifting Cost Of Trash Hauling To Individual HomeownerTrash -- Americans generate a lot of it -- and in suburban areas it's a basic municipal responsibility, getting rid of the household trash for their residents.
Governor Optimistic That Property Tax Relief Is On Its WayGov. Tom Wolf was back in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, this time to meet with Pittsburgh School District educators at Roosevelt Elementary School in Carrick.
Gov. Wolf & House Republicans Inch Closer To A Property Tax DealFor decades, Pennsylvania governors and legislators have promised -- but never delivered -- substantial tax relief from higher and higher school property taxes.