"Puck Talk With Popchock" - Bylsma Says S.O.S. (Same Old Sid)Head coach Dan Bylsma addressed the media after Sunday evening's announcement that his captain will return to action Monday after a ten-month absence from the NHL.
"Puck Talk With Popchock" - Some West for the WearyThe Avalanche have come to town, and despite their impressive road record, the Penguins have proven they welcome all Western Conference challengers...
"Puck Talk With Popchock" - Superb Goaltending Can Sustain Pens
"Puck Talk With Popchock" - Time to Re-Analyze NHL AnalystsVersus analyst Jeremy Roenick called out the Penguins for their handling of Sidney Crosby's situation. I'm calling out Roenick, and any other NHL broadcaster who puts passion ahead of prudence.
"Puck Talk With Popchock" - Politics & Niskanen Still Make A DifferenceTwo of the things that stood out during a successful season-opening road trip were the presence of Matt Niskanen and the ongoing presence of politics in player discipline.
"Puck Talk With Popchock" - 2011-12 Penguins: Crosby or Not, Here They ComeEven with their franchise player still on the mend, the Penguins have what it takes to hoist Lord Stanley's Cup for the second time in four seasons.
"Puck Talk With Popchock" - Shanahan Saving the Hockey World, One Brain At A TimeDon't look now, but the NHL has hired a new dean of discipline who might be saving the game of hockey as we know it.
"Puck Talk With Popchock" - Good MorrowAlthough he didn't make the Penguins' opening night roster, teen defenseman and 2011 draftee Joe Morrow has left quite a positive first impression on his new club.
Puck Talk with Popchock: Reality CzechMany have fallen in love with the idea of a Jaromir Jagr comeback, but 93-7 The Fan's hockey commentator is reluctant to do so.
Puck Talk with Popchock: "Disco Dan" Deserved It93-7 The Fan's hockey commentator believes the Jack Adams Trophy was presented to the right man in Las Vegas Wednesday night.
Puck Talk with Popchock: Stanley Cup Final PredictionRegardless of how he and his fellow bloggers feel about the B's, 93-7 The Fan's hockey commentator explains why Lord Stanley's Cup will return to Canada for the first time since 1993.