Pittsburgh City Council Considers Red Light CamerasIn Philadelphia or Washington, D.C., if you run a red light and nobody sees it, you might think you got away with it. But you didn't.
Red Light Cameras In Philadelphia To Benefit Western Pa.Drivers running red lights in Philadelphia is turning out to be a good thing for our area. Several local roads will receive safety upgrades thanks to traffic fines on the other side of the state.
Red Light Cameras Raise Legal IssuesKDKA Radio's Mike Pintek talks to John Bowman, Communications Director of the National Motorists Association.
City Council Divided On Use Of Red Light CamerasNot everyone is on board with a plan to install cameras around the city to catch drivers running red lights.
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State Panel Endorses Red Light CamerasMaybe we won’t admit it, but some run red lights, hoping a cop is not nearby, but new technology involving a camera with warning signs too could change all that.
State Rep. Costa Calls In To Set Mike Pintek StraightState Rep. Paul Costa was listening to Mike's show talking about red light cameras and wanted to call in and put his two cents in.
Shawn Dow Talks About Red Light CamerasShawn Dow, from Campaign for Liberty, joins KDKA Radio's Mike Pintek to talk about red light cameras.
Seeing Red: Motorist Associaton Opposes Red Light CamerasNot everyone is pleased with State Rep. Paul Costa's, D-Allegheny, plan to install red light cameras in Pittsburgh.
State Rep. Wants To Bring Red Light Cameras To PittsburghKDKA Radio's Robert Mangino talks with State Rep. Paul Costa, D-Allegheny, about his proposal to install red light cameras to catch drivers who blow through intersections.